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Grab It And Run You Little Snowflakes

Watch what happens when these little Japanese snowflakes are confronted with a dropped wallet. Seriously, try this in Oz … wouldn’t see them for dust.


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$100 Million Lawsuit You Say?

Remember the $100 million lawsuit I didn’t bother writing about because it was so stupid? You know, the one where the 6 year old survivor of the Newtown school shooting filed  a claim against the state of Connecticut for failing to protect children from “foreseeable harm” and failing to provide a “safe school setting.”. Yeah well, it has been dropped. The child, who hasn’t been named, wasn’t in any of the classes directly affected by the crazed gunman but had heard the “cursing, screaming, and shooting” over the school intercom.


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Oh Deer

Look, up in the sky . It’s a bird? It’s a plane? No it’s a friggin deer and it’s …oooh yuck! Residents in Montana were stunned to discover the cause of their power outage. Seems a deer managed to fall from a great height onto power lines. Don’t worry little snowflakes, it doesn’t appear to be Rudolph. The fawn is thought to have been dropped by an eagle who probably had its great plans for dinner ruined.


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A Sad Ending To A Sad Ending

This wasn't how it was suppose to end!

Two sisters from Stockholm, Sweden are hoping to sue the group of drunk undertakers who accidentally dropped their father’s coffin on it’s side into the grave. And what I mean by dropped is, it landed with such a thud the two women ran crying and screaming from the cemetery fearing their father had fallen out of the casket. The two were in so much shock they aren’t even sure if the coffin was righted before it was covered or whether, if daddy had fallen out, he was put back in. Both sisters have been on sick leave ever since the incident.

Psst How did they manage to find a group of drunk undertakers?


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America’s Next Fat Model

Ralph Lauren model sacked because she was too fat

What is she doing on Biggest Loser?

Bummer. Swedish-French model Filippa Hamilton who is 5’10”, weighs 120 pounds, and wears a size 4 says she has been given her marching orders by Ralph Lauren because…wait for it…she is too fat! Geez, Ralph would really hate me, I don’t think I could get a size 4 over my head! Hmm, maybe if I wear it as a hat and scrunched it up..but anywho I digress. Ooh and poor Filippa got dissed via a letter which read in part “We’re terminating your services because you don’t fit into the sample clothes that you need to wear.” This is the same girl who raised eyebrows after appearing in a controversial ad where her head was bigger than her hips! Photoshopping disaster! Ralph Lauren are denying her sacking had anything to do with her weight. Honey, come and sit on the couch with us and make fun of all the skinny girls. Can someone pass me the pizza!

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