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Natalie Wood’s Death Being Investigated

OMG, guess what? The LA homicide detectives are reopening the 1981 death of actress Natalie Wood!!! Natalie Wood drowned after a night of partying with her hubby Robert Wagner and guest Christoper Walken on the couple’s yacht during a Thanksgiving weekend. The official verdict was Ms Wood died from misadventure after falling overboard  trying to stop their dinghy from banging against the side of the yacht. The thing is, Natalie Wood was absolutely petrified of water and had a serious fear of drowning, thus making her death either really ironic or totally suspicious? During the original investigation, a woman on a nearby boat claims she heard a woman scream for help around midnight. Wagner also confessed that he and Natalie had been arguing before she drowned.  Anywho, the case has been reopened after police recieved some additional info.


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Holding Breath Contest Fail

Um, no, I don’t think the excuse that a woman drowned during a “holding breath” contest is going to hold up in court homeless guy. Especially as you told police you think you may have held the woman’s head under water too long. That’s no contest, that’s cheating!

Want sauce with that?


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What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor

Whoopsie. A drunk Swedish sailor, who thought his wife had fallen overboard and drowned, sparked a major sea rescue off the coast of Kalmar. The only problem was the wife was never aboard the boat, he’d forgotten to take her on the trip. The intoxicated man was towed back to shore and promptly charged.


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Sadly Ironic

Oh dear, a teen who jumped off a Kalamazoo bridge with a group of friends to celebrate the fact the world wasn’t going to end has drowned.


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It Was A Friggin Water Bottle

OMG, a man who couldn’t swim has drowned after he jumped into Lake Michigan to retrieve his girlfriends water bottle. Yes that’s right, water bottle. Michael Hilling had been sitting along side his girlfriend when the bottle fell,  so he jumped in to save it despite not knowing how to swim.

UPDATE : According to Hilling’s mother, the information contained in the Chicago newspapers are false and misleading. He accidentally fell in the lake. It is also being reported that the girlfriend is being harassed on Facebook for not going in after him. More here.


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Just Messing With You

A man who jumped into the Tennessee River and didn’t seem to resurface maybe charged by police after it was discovered he was sitting in a bar watching the search party look for him for three hours.Evidently the man had swum across the river to the Hard Dock Cafe and watched as rescue crews scoured the river looking for him. When they called off the search he got back into the water and swam back. The police then received an anonymous phone call saying there was a soaking wet man, matching the description of the missing man, walking down the street. The police allege the fool made the call himself.


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Tragic Ending

OMG, a Tasmanian boy has drowned after he tied himself to his bike and rode off a home made ramp on a jetty into the Derwent River. It is believed the reason the boy tied himself to the bike was so he wouldn’t lose it on impact but instead it acted like a weight.


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