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RIP Mike Starr

If any of you watched Celebrity Rehab you may remember Mike Starr, ex bassist for Alice in Chains? Well, he died today of a drug overdose. Mike’s life spiraled out of control following his departure from the band in 1993. During rehab Starr expressed his extreme guilt over the death of Alice in Chains lead singer Layne Staley and confronted his demons by talking to Staley’s mom. Starr was the last to see Staley before he took a lethal speedball but didn’t call 911,  instead he stormed out as Staley shouted “Not like this, don’t leave like this”. Staley’s body wouldn’t be found for two weeks. Starr, in an effort to turn his life around, featured in Celebrity Rehab in 2010. Despite being sober for 6 months following the show,  Starr was arrested in Feb,2011, for allegedly being in possession of a controlled substance. A few weeks later the likable rouge was dead at 44. I really hope you have found your peace. What a talented life wasted.

UPDATE : It is being reported that Starr was mixing methadone with anxiety medication hours before his death. His roommate said Starr was trying extremely hard to stay sober


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RIP J Paul Getty III

Remember the grandson of oil magnate J Paul Getty? You know, the one who lost an ear during a kidnapping in 1973. Come on people,  dig deep. The 16 year old was in Rome when he got napped and the family procrastinated on paying the ransom because they thought it was just him trying to squeeze money out of his tight assed grandpa. Later the kidnappers sent a lock of the young Getty’s hair and one of his ears to a newspaper to prove it wasn’t no hoax. Ring any bells? Gramps eventually coughed up $2.8 million in ransom money but told his son the money was a loan and expected it paid back to him at 4% interest. J Paul Getty III was later found frail and shivering on a highway 5 months after having been kidnapped. The experience left the young man traumatized and he eventually fell into cocaine and heroin addiction. In 1981 he had a massive stroke which left him paralyzed and in need of around the clock care.This time daddy (who had inherited Getty seniors wealth following his death in 1976) refused to pay the medical bills and it was a judge who finally forced the wealthy father to cough up.J Paul Getty the “golden hippie” died on saturday surrounded by family in England, he was only 54.RIP.


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Baby Dies In Washing Machine

OMG, a ten day old baby girl has been found dead after her mom put her in a washing machine and she went through the entire spin cycle (over 40 minutes). The baby was discovered by a relative who found Lyndsey Fiddler passed out on the couch , the baby missing and the washing machine making a strange banging noise. Oklahoma police suspect Fiddler was taking crystal meth when Maggie May was placed in the machine with a pile of clothes.  Fiddler has been charged with second degree manslaughter. Sadly, family members of Fiddler had tried unsuccessfully to have parental rights revoked before she gave birth to Maggie May.


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Vicious Cycle

Whatever happened to foster care?

Welcome to the world of WTF! An Australian court has decided to award custody of a five year old child to her  heroin addict, sex offender father because her mother is even more of a friggin nightmare than him! The child, who already has behavioral problems and a speech impediment, no doubt stemming from being burned on the butt, attacked by a dog and beaten with a shoe, will now live with dad and his knife/sword collection ( though the court has asked him to remove it). In handing down the decision the magistrate said “The father provides calmer parenting with more clearly set boundaries than the mother does,” Hmm and luckily for the girl, her dad is on a disability pension and hasn’t worked for ten years due to depression so he will have heaps of time to give her all the love and care she needs. The mum, you say? Well let’s put it this way, soon after giving birth to her baby she left the labour ward to buy heroin. Child protection campaigners are mortified, horrified and seriously pissed at the courts decision while the Department of Human Services say they are no longer dealing with the case.


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