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Dog Surrenders

When Brazilian police  busted a drug ring and demanded everybody get down, they weren’t expecting a suspect’s dog to follow suit. The well behaved dog had been barking at the police until everyone was ordered down. When the pooch saw his owner hit the floor he did the same. Awe, I surrender too.



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Beaten man arrested for drug possessionWell, if you think you are having a bad day, spare a thought for this poor dude. The Chicago man was walking down the street when someone kidnapped him and then beat the crap out of him. When police found him sprawled out on the ground they found his address and went to search his home. Unfortunately he hadn’t hidden his 170 pounds of cocaine and 50 pounds of marijuana very well. Enter narcotics squad who seized the stash. Seems the dude was wanted in connection with a federal narcotics investigation. Told ya, a very bad day.


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Heiress Has No Pot Luck

Oh for crying out loud, what the hell does a heiress to the Samsung Electronics fortune want to be doing messing with drugs? Lisette Lee (28) was busted with almost 230kg (506lbs) of marijuana in her luggage after a private jet she was on landed in Ohio. That will teach her for carrying 13 bags. Dog’s balls people, dog’s balls!!!  Police also found drug ledgers showing large transactions, cocaine and drug paraphernalia. Drug Enforcement Administration were tipped off about Ms Lee, thanks in part to the amount of luggage she was carrying. It required three cars to transport the bags and two men to lift the friggin things because they were chock-a-block full with bricks of pot. If she is found guilty that’s a max of 40 years. Hmm, I’m guessing when those high powered lawyers don on their thinking caps, she’ll get off.

Psst Wanna hear the excuse? She told authorities a friend paid her $60,000 to take the suitcases from LA to Columbus. She had no idea…..ah never mind, you can fill in the rest!


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Ecstasy Pill – The Olympic Edition

The winter Olympics wouldn’t be complete without the collectors edition ecstasy pills, branded with the Olympic logo, now would it ? Hmm, shame, that Dutch dude must be pissed! Oh but before you get too excited, the Canadian police have busted the drug ring (pun intended) who had branded the tablets with the Olympic rings. Blahaha and the real bitch is, not only are they facing drug possession charges they also facing the wrath of the Olympics committee for trademark violation. They are planning to sue them for not having permission to use their logo!

Psst Did you know the official name for Ecstasy? Methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Come on it might come in handy at your next quiz night!


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The Old Cocaine Flour Switcheroo

80kg of cocaine replaced with flour

Hey boys anyone feel like pizza?

Officers from the Serious Organised Crime Agency (yes, it’s a real name I checked) replaced a 80kg haul of cocaine with flour in a drug sting, but got bored and  left before their suspects arrived (not so serious). Nothing worse than having to wait for a £3.2 million drug bust . Anywho, the gang arrived some time later to the distribution warehouse in Manchester to pick up their  haul after firstly assaulting two security guards. Hmm, at some stage the gang discovered they had been duped and  ditched the flour in the River Irwell. SOCA later raided homes in Manchester, Ramsbottom (blahahaaha) and Rochdale making several arrests. Hmm, could have saved time had they just stayed a little longer at the warehouse, hmm and the security guards would have been  grateful too!!


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