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And You Are Worried About ISIS

embarrassedOK, here’s the thing. As we look on in horror at the actions of the ISIS terrorists in the Middle East, just south of the US border uber atrocities are being committed every friggin day. 43 children from a Mexican town vanish without a trace. Their crime? Protesting about the drug cartels. Their punishment? They were handed over to the drug gangs by none other than the city’s Mayor and his wife. A woman who tweeted about the violent crimes in her city to warn others, was kidnapped and murdered. The murderers then tweeted images of her dead body warning people this will be the consequences of anyone else considering doing the same. This is just in today’s news. Seriously people, we need to wake up and smell the drug cartels too!!!!


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Drug Cartels Murdering Bloggers

Thats a defriending you Zetas bastards!!!

What the hell is going on in Mexico? Seems drug cartels have switched their violence to social media users. Two bodies have been found hanging from the Nuevo Laredo bridge after they allegedly posted “funny things on the Internet” which basically denounced the gangs. The unknown woman in her 20’s had been  hogtied and disemboweled. Both had signs left near them,  one of which read “This is going to happen to all of those posting funny things on the Internet. You better fucking pay attention. I’m about to get you.”  Many people have switched from traditional media to blogging as a way to report violence in Mexico and the cartels aren’t pleased. The blogs Al Rojo Vivo and Blog del Narco have been singled out by the gangs as they encourage people to report on drug cartel activities. Sheez, these people aren’t even human.

Psst Loon is cancelling holiday plans to South America, indefinitely. The tequila will have to wait!


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You Shot Street Clowns?

OMG, two street clowns have been gunned down in Mexico by a drug cartel who thought they were army informers. The two clowns were found dead along the roadside still in their bright clown costumes and make-up. 15 other people were also killed overnight in Chihuahua as the drug violence continues to spiral out of control across Mexico . Authorities believe the Zetas gang are behind the clown deaths.


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Job Opportunity Has Just Become Available In Guadalupe

The successful applicant must be able to work on their own and under pressure, preferably single with no ties, have a good grasp of the Spanish language and have a healthy love of the “element of surprise”. Reason?  The only cop (a woman) left in the town of Guadalupe has been abducted by Mexican gunmen believed to be part of a drug cartel. Erika Gandara (28), who was the only one left standing after all the other town’s police either quit, fled or were killed, was abducted after her house was set on fire and her cars torched by about 10 friggin gunmen. Sheez, not even her AR-15 rifle could save her. I’m guessing  the 9,000 residents are now probably packing their daks! The Sinaloa and Juarez drug cartels are fighting for stragetic positions on a key highway used to smuggle drugs into the US and are bumping off anyone who gets in their way eg Police.

Psst Is it me or is this drug cartel war sounding more and more  like a Tarantino plot line?


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Not A Great Career Move

Hmm,  Marisol Valles Garcia (20) must be packing her daks after taking  on the role of Police chief in a drug cartel ridden town in Mexico. Seems another female police chief, Hermila Garcia, has  just been gunned down after two months in a similar job.



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Drug Cartels Are The New Bin Laden

I'm team Zetas

Who’d want to be a police officer for all the drug cartels in Mexico? Sheez, on Friday nine officers vanished in the Mexican state of Guerrero in what is believed to be a mass cop abduction. Six bodies were later found in a ravine (4 dismembered), two headless bodies were found in a small coastal town (after the heads were thrown from a moving vehicle into a refreshment stand) and one lucky bastard managed to survive.Several of the bodies had warning notes stuck on them. Seems the Mexican government is now resigned to the fact that they are  powerless to stop the carnage as two gangs, the Gulf Cartel and the Zetas, fight it out for control of the region. Over 28,000 people have died in drug related fighting in Mexico since 2006 and it isn’t likely to stop anytime soon. Sadly, this will probably end up yet another problem for the US, who in the end will be expected to fix it.

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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Drug Cartels?

Hey, here’s a little drug cartel quiz for you. How many federal police have been murdered in Ciudad Juarez this year? OK, here’s a hint, Ciudad Juarez is in Mexico just across the Rio Grande river from El Paso, Texas ( a lucrative drug trafficking route). Hmm, if you said 20 you’d be right. The latest victim had his  head, legs and arms chopped off before being dumped outside a strip mall. The drug gang however were kind enough to leave a note on the body but police are refusing to reveal what it says. A gang war has been raging between the Juarez cartel and the Sinaloa cartel for some time as they fight for control over the drug routes. Hmm, maybe people should stop taking drugs so the cartel people  can get real, respectable jobs? Drug cartels 1, police 0.


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They Will Never Look There!

Hey kiddies, stop playing with daddy's stuff!

So if you were a big bad drug and weapons dealer in Brownsville, working with drug cartels in Mexico, where oh where would you hide your stash? Well it seems Play-Doh cups are good a place as any for cocaine and heroin. Who Knew?

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