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Easter Is Going To Pot

Seems drug dealers really love to exploit Easter. In Oklahoma some woman stuffed $30,000 worth of meth in the bottom of a Easter bunny soft toy and posted it to a dealer. She must have put her address on the parcel because she got busted. Meanwhile over in Oregon a woman discovered three bags of marijuana in a toy she had purchased for her young daughter at Walmart .


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Da Da Da DA

classical musicA French guy has discovered the best deterrent for getting rid of the drug dealers hanging outside his apartment. Classical music. Yes, every night he plays Mozart and Beethoven out his window. It works everytime. In Australia they play it in shopping centres to stop kids loitering.


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Fliers Fail

Seven alleged drug dealers were arrested in Portland after fliers appeared throughout the neighborhood advertising “Heroin For Sale”. The added bonus, they also included their address. Seriously, you need to change your marketing strategy!

Want sauce with that?


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Over My Dead Body

OMG, Cancun is becoming known as much for it’s “bodies in wells” as it is for it’s great holiday destination. Police have found another 12 decomposed bodies at the bottom of 4 wells near the Cancun International Airport. Authorities believe they are just more dumbassed drug dealers. Hmm, which makes it  a total of  72 bodies hauled out of several wells in Cancun in  the past few weeks.


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I Warned You!

OMG, I am guessing he wont be getting his pocket money anytime soon. An 11 year old boy dialled 911 to report his mom and her boyfriend were dealing drugs in his home. Despite warning his mom numerous times about the dangers of drugs and telling his neighbors and grandparents about his concerns, no one took any action so he rang the cops. Police found a quarter pound of marijuana and drug paraphenalia in the house when they searched.

Psst Hmm, smart move kid, waiting until after Christmas.


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Well Someone Forgot To Check The Bananas

Spanish police suspect the drug dealers, who accidentally let 175lb of cocaine get sent  to grocery stores around Madrid, will be really pissed. The drugs were hidden in boxes of bananas shipped from Ecuador and Ivory Coast. Hmm, well someone is in deep doo dah.

Psst Does anyone care that 2,000lb of bananas had to be destroyed  because some idiot couldn’t do his drug smuggling job properly?


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Could It Get Any Easier?

Drug dealers cell phone accidentally rings 911OK, here’s the thing drug dealers of Yukon, Oklahoma, when you cram your cell phone into your coat pocket, make sure it’s on lock or you might find yourself in a little bit of strife. When a  drug dealer’s phone accidentally rang 911 the dispatchers could faintly hear what they thought was a deal going down. They traced the call and sent police a knocking and low and behold they found  $20,000 worth of Xanax, Hydrocondone, Oxycontin, Ecstasy and marijuana. Hmm, Mark Alan Clair and Shannon Blake McAlister take a bow! Dumbass 911 callers of the week and you didn’t even know it!


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