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These Guys Mean Business

Oh for crying out loud don’t be going to Portugal and getting yourself kidnapped, you’ll friggin regret it, I’m telling you. Just ask Scottish guy James Ross. Poor dude had his testicle, wedding finger, ear and two toes sliced off for his troubles. Despite denials by his wife that Ross was involved in a drug deal gone bad, the kidnappers sent his body parts to a rival gang as a warning. He was later found bleeding on the streets of Boliqueime after he managed to escape.

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I Quit

Lordie, lordie, lordie, you know it’s time to get out of town when the entire police force quit after being attacked by friggin drug cartel gunmen. Yes sirree, all 14 police officers from the town of Los Ramones in Mexico handed in their badges after a drug gang  opened fire on their headquarters. Sheez, $322 a month ain’t worth dying for. During the attack over 1,000 bullets were fired and 6 grenades were flung at the building. Despite no injures, 6 police vehicles were destroyed. So how does a town without police work? Sheez, it’s enough to make you go on drugs!



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Friggin Drug Gang Parrot

You know there is nothing worse than a smart assed parrot. Colombian police have seized Lorenzo a parrot which was trained by a Barranquilla drug gang to squawk “Run! Run!” when it saw police, giving the bad guys a chance to run for it.


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Equal Opportunity Drug Cartel

Angie Sanselmente Valencia and her all girl drug cartel  are believed to be one of the largest drug gangs in the world. Unlucky for Angie she is also now on an International wanted list. The ex lingerie model left Columbia to set up her empire in Argentina after splitting from Mexican drug baron “The monster” and was doing quite nicely thank you very muchly until someone dobbed her into police in Buenos Aires. Her bevy of beauties  specialized in attracting only admiration as they traveled  back and forth from Columbia to Cancun and Mexico carrying bags of cocaine. Hmm, Argentina’s Next Top Model Cartel.

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Mom Becomes Narc To Reduce Hubby’s Jail Sentence

Mom single handedly brings down drug gang

Tu friggin comprendes

What would you do if your hubby  was sent to  prison for 15 years for selling methamphetamine out of his mechanic shop and his kids were constantly crying and whining about missing him. Hmm,  I know what I would do and it wouldn’t involve ringing  the Omaha Police Department and begging to become an informant in exchange for reducing hubby’s sentence. The Spanish speaking mom convinced the Omaha narcotic unit to allow her to work undercover in an extremely dangerous drug gang in exchange for getting her husband a reduced sentence. And guess what? After 7 months of  washing their clothes, doing drug runs and basically building trust, she singlehandedly brought down the drug ring . In the end Omaha police seized 13 pounds of methamphetamine worth an estimated $500,000 and arrested 11 people on drug and gun charges. The woman, who cannot be named for friggin obvious reasons, said “She did what she did for her children.”

Psst Geez, I bet her kids eat all their peas!!!!

2nd Psst You can read all about her heroism at Omaha.com


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