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Tip – Throw Drugs Away Before Ringing 911

OK, here’s the thing, you might be having severe chest pains but  don’t be calling 911 over and over again if you are in possession of cocaine, weed and drug paraphernalia. That’s an arrest right there. Oh did I forget to mention the misuse of 911 charge too? Double edged sword my friend.


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14 Year Old Faces 6 Years in Bali’s Kerobokan jail

One more time people. Indonesia doesn’t care how friggin old you are, if you get caught with drugs, that’s prison time. A 14 year old New South Wales boy is facing up to 6 years in a Bali’s nightmare Kerobokan jail after being arrested for possessing marijuana while on hols with his parents. Indonesia doesn’t not distinguish between children and adults when it comes to crimes or prisons. Here’s in with the big boys. The unnamed kid is currently being held in a Denpasar police station and is said to be in tears. Sheez, I would be too. You ruined the family holidays for starters!


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