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Double Trouble

A family that drug smuggles together gets arrested together. A mother and her two six year old twins have been caught at a Nigerian airport with cocaine stuffed down their undies. The hubby on the other hand was found to have no drugs in his possession. Ah what the heck, he was charged with drug smuggling too. Luckily for the twins they were released into the care of family members because authorities believed they weren’t really involved…just mules!.

Psst Good lord, to think someone may have sniffed that up their nostril after being so close to someone’s butt!


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Drug Smuggler Does a Sewer Tour

Oh shit!

You pretty much know where you are on the food chain when you have to wear scuba gear and wade through a friggin sewer system to sneak two bundles of marijuana across the Mexican border. Friggin close to the bottom.  Those damn pesky  border patrol agents, with their sporty new infrared cameras, watched the sucker carry the bundles in waste high sludge. As soon as the sewer rat, in his scuba gear, realized he’d been sprung he took no chances and dropped the shit and took off back in the general vicinity of Mexico. The marijuana was estimated to be worth about $44,000.

Psst For goodness sakes people just remember when taking drugs it is highly likely it was up someone’s butt, dragged through a sewer or hidden in a dead animal!


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