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OK, one more time people, please DON’T use other people’s urine to pass a drug test. A woman in Ohio was handed an 18 month sentence after she thought she had fooled the system by submitting someone else’s urine. Unfortunately, she didn’t ask the vital question because her friend’s sample tested positive for drugs. Damn it!

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There’s Some Good News And There’s Some Bad News

embarrassedListen up guys. If you are trying to pass a drug test do not use your wife’s urine or you might be confronted with “congratulations you’re pregnant”….just saying. An Egyptian bus driver , who was unaware his wife was pregnant , tried to fool the Public Transportation Authority officials during a routine check…..surprise.

PSST Unemployed driver with a baby on the way looking for a job.


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Sugar Plum Fairy Gets Sacked For Swearing During Drug Test

What is the world coming to when St Charles’ Sugar Plum Fairy of five years gets fired for swearing during a drug test? Oh, she also works in an adult-themed comedy burlesque shows. Well, sack her silly ass then. Hang on, why does a Sugar Plum Fairy have to take a drug test anyways? Oh, Christmas festival + little kiddies = urine test . Laura Coppinger who has been the Sugar Plum Fairy for 5 years evidently flushed the toilet during her little drug testing twinkle and got told off by the drug adminstrator. They don’t take to kindly to flushing in Missouri, as it could easily be a way to dilute the wee. That’s when the fairy let rip with a cuss word and ultimately lost her $13.08 an hour job (despite only the administrator hearing). Hmm, now the only pole she is going to see is at her adult-themed comedy burlesque show. Bummer.


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I Thought It Was Kosher?

Sheez, she looks out of it!

Oh dear lord, step away from the poppy seed bagels. Elizabeth Mort from Pennsylvania had her newborn baby taken away by Children and Youth Services after testing positive for opiates. Seems the poppy seed bagel she ate just prior to giving birth skewed the results of a drug test. It took five days before authorities realized the mistake and returned the bub to her mom. Oh hell yes, that’s a suing right there!


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Rumor Mill Round Up

Leading the rumor mill this week is Lindsay’s failure at taking tests.Drug tests that is.Did I mention twice? Hmm, she must like orange and cocaine. Meanwhile over in Paris Hilton, she’s copped herself a plea bargain to avoid yet another stint in jail. That’s a year probation, showing face at a drug abuse program , $2,000 fine and 200 hours of community service (hmm, I wonder who she’ll pay to do those for her?). Oh and British bad boy Russell Perry Brand has been  citizen arrested at LAX for slapping paparazzi . Katy Perry’s  response via twitter ” If you cross the line & try an put a lens up my dress, my fiancé will do his job & protect me.” (fine job I might add!). Remember Shelley Malil from 40 year old Virgin? No? Oh well not to worry , his career is pretty much in the toilet after being found guilty of attempted murder after knifing his girlfriend.  Riki Lake learned the hard way that refueling a portable heater is way harder than it looks. She accidentally set the couch on fire which lead to her rental house burning to the ground. And way over the other side of the Atlantic George Michael is getting sick to death of fellow inmates singing Faith and Freedom because none of them can sing them in tune!


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