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Sister’s Revenge

What’s the best way to get back at your brother? Filming him while be is under the influence of heavy prescription drugs and then posting it on Youtube.  Walker kinda is blown away by his new red cast.

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Equal Opportunity Gang

Oh my, seems Zimbabwe has a gang of women rapists terrorizing men. I know, it doesn’t seem right! But anywho it’s true, a gang of three women have been kidnapping, drugging and then raping men over the past year. The latest victim said he was offered a lift by these women and subsequently drugged. When he awoke, there he was stark naked with the women taking it in turns to rape him. He told police he passed out after the assault and was then dumped.Police haven’t a clue what the motive is behind the sex attacks but suspect it maybe for ritual purposes.

Psst Hmm, a loophole in Zimbabwean law means if the women are caught they won’t be charged with rape as it only applies to women victims.


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I Did What?



How do you subdue a naked, drunk, drugged out dude? Well, first you get yourself one police dog, a few stun guns and a shit load of policemen. Nathan Whitlow from Lebanon in Hamilton County was running around a campground starkers and annoying the crap out of everyone when police arrived. Despite the police dog attacking him, the cops stun gunning him several times, they eventually had no other alternative but to jump him. It took 7 officers to pile on top of Whitlow just to handcuff him. See what happens little kiddies when you combine alcohol, cocaine, PCP and magic mushrooms, you get magic powers just like Superman. Anywho, Whitlow is now sleeping it off at a local hospital.


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Those Little Tassy Devils

Dude, why am I so dizzy?

Whoa dude, has anyone seen my car keys?

No seriously people, wallabies are behind the mysterious crop circles which have been appearing  in Tasmania! Those little Tassy marsupials have been munching away in the  poppy paddocks and  getting as high as kites before hopping around in circles and collapsing. Hmm and it isn’t just the wallabies getting drugged out, deer and sheep have also reported to be acting weird and seen walking around in circles.

Psst I wonder if they hop clockwise or anti clockwise because they are in the southern hemisphere…ah never mind!


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