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I ain’t been drinking officer

dumbassYou know you’re drunk when you hand a cop your beer instead of your license after getting pulled over. That’s a DUI right there.


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So I Did Hit Something!

You know you are really drunk when you hit a pedestrian walking along a highway and he lands in your passenger seat next to you and you don’t realize. James John Onak was pulled over by police in Houston, not far from the scene with a shattered windshield and the body of his victim inside the car. He told police he thought he had struck something but wasn’t sure what. The dead man was wearing a Subway uniform and was believed walking to a gas station after having car trouble.

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Ironic Story Of The Week


Oooh hoo, and the winner of the  ironic story of the week  goes to …drum roll please…the alleged drunk driver who crashed his SUV into a LA sober living home. Ta-da! Sheez, it’s enough to make you…ah never mind!

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Shit Happens

Oh for crying out loud Paul Kausalik, why did you do it? Kausalik was arrested on suspicion of drink driving and allegedly putting poo in his mouth and spitting it at police. Here’s how it unfolded. Kausalik failed a sobriety test and was taken to the police station where he asked to use the toilet. Next thing he returns with a mouthful of feces and “violently” spits the shit at a cop, hitting him on his face and head. That’s a lose/lose right there.

Want sauce with that?


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How Many Charges Is That?

My bad?

OK loons, see how many adjectives you can use to describe this woman and her antics. A drunk 35 year old woman without a license crashed her unregistered car into a parked car in Cranbourne last night. In her car were 7 children , 3 of which were in the boot (trunk).

Psst The children, age between 10-14, were taken to hospital and are reportedly OK.


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Silly Thing To Waste!

Sheez, just in time, this is my last!

Stupid is as stupid does. Paul Sneddon from New Zealand was as drunk as a skunk when he overturned his car and became trapped inside. So while waiting to be rescued he did what any beer loving dude would do, he opened himself another can! After his court appearance he told the local newspaper “it’s not like I’m going to read a book, so I opened another can.” Sneddon had told police he had been on a 4 day binge when the accident happened.


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One Way Of Avoiding The Toll

Was this dude drunk or was he simply driving a Toyota? You decide……


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Some People Never Learn

You have been convicted of drunk driving 7 times, the last for killing someone, you spend 19 years in prison, what’s one of the first things you do when you get out? Get pissed, steal a car and crash down an embankment. Brilliant. When Douglas Gardner (54) was found by police staggering around the wreck his blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit, he’d been out of jail 31 days. If convicted Mr Gardner will get life. His family say he doesn’t need jail he needs help.


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DUI Dad Busted By His Teenage Son

The latest craze  in the US seems to be for teenagers to ring 911 and dob their dumbass parents into police. Bravo snowflakes. The latest story comes courtesy of a 13 year old Florida kid who rang 911 after fearing he and his 2 year old sibling were going to become roadkill. The boy, who had been in his dad’s car, managed to get out of it long enough to report his dad  drink driving. When police arrived the man, Gary Joe Greer, told them “I’m drunk”. Nice one, that’s a DUI, driving without a licence and child neglect right there!


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