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Not So Safe

Man stuck in safe after a dareOh for the love of stupidity, a man who was partying in a vacant store in Toronto got himself stuck in a safe after he was dared to get in it.  He was eventually cut out after firefighters were called. Yes, he was drunk, eh.


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I’m Just Waiting For A Mate

This Australia mammal is known as dumbassapien. They can usually be found in a Holden commodorus, or sleeping under a tree. They have a liking for alcoholic brews and chiko rolls. If you happen to come across one, it is better not to provoke them as they are not very bright.


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Drunk Driver From Hell

Perth driver from hellOK, here’s the thing drunk dude. Driving a truck while towing a trailer with a tractor on it and jack-knifing it in an attempt at making a three point turn …. silly. Driving off after the trailer (with tractor on it) rolls down a hill, through a four-way intersection and kabooms into a parked car… stupid. A few hours, later after having been charged with DUI, you jump in a ute with only three wheels and drive about 8km on the rim …. loser. It was the sparks and the gouge in the road that let you down son!!!

Psst Friggin Perth, home of the loon!!!!


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Alas Poor Thespians

Sussex Police were called to a Shakespian production after actors got drunk and began smashing up the set and Ophelia smashed a jug .


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Japanese Businessman vs London Escalator

The sorry tale of a drunk Japanese businessman at the Tottenham Court Road tube station.

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Trick Or Treat

Move on, nothing to see here. A reported woman shot dead in a sports utility in Alabama turned out to be a passed out drunken reveler in a Halloween outfit and makeup. Evidently she was covered in fake blood. Sheez, those pregnant Zombie costumes get ya every time.

Oh and speaking of Halloween, a Florida vet dressed in a tutu was arrested after he attacked a man in a wheelchair. Seems he thought the man was dressed as a disabled veteran for Halloween Hmm, nope he was actually a wheelchair-bound veteran and former Marine. Awkward.

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Move On Nothing To See Here But Tanning Mom

Oh lord, make this 15 minutes of fame stop!!!!! Patricia Krentcil (aka tanning mom) was a drunken mess at the opening of a nightclub in New York, managing to attack the drag queen host before being unceremoniously removed via the back door. Yes, it was all recorded ….



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Bears With Sore Heads

A Norwegian mother bear and her three cubs broke into a cabin and got wasted on 100 cans of beer before trashing the place. The party ended after they smashed the beds, oven, cupboards, shelves and kitchen appliances.

Psst Hang on just a minute, the owners say the bears also ate all their  marshmallows, honey and chocolate spread …. FRAZ!!!!!!!


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Only In Butte

Here’s something you don’t hear everyday, a woman from Butte, was found butt naked while driving drunk.


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Joy Ride Gets Ugly

Finally got to use this Deb!

Oh come on people, can’t a drunk man have a little fun with his kids? An Indiana man has been charged with neglect after he used a tow strap to tie four  kids to the hood of his car before driving them a few blocks down the road. Hello, neglect would be NOT tying them, sheez!!!! The kids aged 4, 5, 6 and 7 were unharmed. While he defended his actions by saying they enjoyed it, police were none too happy, especially after he blew a .17, which is twice Indiana’s blood alcohol limit.The mother of three of the kids was also in the car and drunk as a skunk.

Psst Big shout out to Bill for finding this great yarn.

Want sauce with that?


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