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How Grave

There are some things you just can’t explain. Take for example a headstone, with the inscription “you will always be remembered, never forgotten” . It was left at the Dublin Airport and now languishes in the lost and found department.

PSST If by some chance it belongs to one of the loons, you should give them a buzz.


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Party In The Popemobile

Holy Catholic party animals Batman. Paddy Dunning who owns Pope John Paul II’s Popemobile (aka a 1970s yellow 15 seater Ford Transit van) is planning to rent it out for partiers in Dublin. Well, Bless.

Psst I hope it serves a lot of communion wine!!!!


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To Be Sure To Be Sure

A Delta Airlines plane made an emergency landing at Dublin airport after a passenger plugged his cell phone into the shaving socket in the plane’s loo and the pilot got suspicious. Move on, nothing to see here!!!


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Mythbusters Go All Dambusters

OK, here’s the thing Mythbusters, when firing  a cannonball at a hill in California during one of your experiments make sure there isn’t homes behind it. Hosts of the popular science show Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage were trying to work out if a cannon was effective at firing non cannonball objects when they decided to shoot a real cannonball first. Well the ball flew out of the cannon,  over the friggin hill, down into the town of Dublin and straight through two houses before coming to rest inside a minivan. Ta-da.

Psst I would have loved to have seen their faces!!!


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Hello UFO Hunters, Get Your Stories Straight

OK, no need for alarm, but can anyone explain these strange lights evidently filmed over Dublin’s River Liffey? Hmm, looks suspiciously identical to footage filmed at Freemont California in 2008. Me thinks someone is having a lend.

Psst Don’t radioactive geese fly in a V formation?




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Warm Beer

WTF, the Guinness factory in Dublin nearly burnt down. Woman and children first…ah who am I kidding, save the friggin Guinness to be sure, to be sure!


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