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Alien Head Dug Up In Croatia

Where did you bury ET?

Where did you bury ET?

Forget Area 51, a Croatian mayor believes graveyard workers have found the head of an alien and it stinks like  men’s cologne. Yes the extraterrestrial object was dug up by grave diggers and now the mayor wants it tested. Locals aren’t so sure it is alien, many believe it is simply a tree root. Hmm, yep, I’m going for the tree root too.

Psst I wonder if it smells like  Old Spice?


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Honey, Why Is There A Hole In Our Backyard?

Maybe we should have knocked first?

Whoopsie daisy, someone has got the address wrong again. Peter Collard, who was selling his house in Brisbane, received an urgent call from his real estate agent telling him he better get home real quick, men were digging up his yard. However, by the time Mr Collard arrived the men had skedaddled but they had left him with around $20,000 worth of damage (which insurance won’t cover). Backhoes can be a bitch! Seems the men were digging a pool but as soon as they realized their mistake (thanks in part probably to the real estate dude) they took off like jackrabbits.Police are still trying to work out who the hell they were!

Psst Geez, had you just been quiet  you could have had a friggin free pool!


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