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Extreme Multitasking

kitchenA Maryland woman has been accused of cooking methamphetamine while driving. If she only used her skills for the good of mankind! unfortunately her “Driving Bad” caught the attention of a cop who pulled over her mobile meth lab/Chrysler hatchback and discovered she was not only DUIing but also cooking up a storm.


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Beiber Is The New Orange

Take a bow Beibs , you finally got the attention you were craving. If you haven’t heard, Justin Beiber was arrested yesterday for street racing while under the influence of a cocktail of alcohol and prescription drugs. He becomes the latest star to don the orange jumpsuit.


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Mugshot Suspension

student suspended for posting mugshot of principalOK, here’s the thing student from Georgia. Don’t be posting no mugshot you found of your high school principal on Instagram and claim it was for DUI when it was for something else or she just might attempt to have you arrested. Fortunately for the kid the cop refused so she suspended him for spreading misinformation.

Want sauce with that?


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Drunk Driver From Hell

Perth driver from hellOK, here’s the thing drunk dude. Driving a truck while towing a trailer with a tractor on it and jack-knifing it in an attempt at making a three point turn …. silly. Driving off after the trailer (with tractor on it) rolls down a hill, through a four-way intersection and kabooms into a parked car… stupid. A few hours, later after having been charged with DUI, you jump in a ute with only three wheels and drive about 8km on the rim …. loser. It was the sparks and the gouge in the road that let you down son!!!

Psst Friggin Perth, home of the loon!!!!


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A Zebra and Macaw Walk Into A Bar

You know what I hate? When an intoxicated man decides to drive home from a pub with his zebra and a macaw sitting in the front seat of his truck with him. Friggin Iowa! I hope they had seat belts!

Want sauce with that?



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Reckless Driving

What do you get if you hit a tree, a mailbox, a fence, a stack of landscape rocks and 2 pedestrians while backing out of your driveway? A DUI and reckless driving charge! Nice one Roberto Reyna!


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Hope It Wasn’t Donated

WTF, a man who had a liver transplant in January has pleaded guilty to drunk driving. Gurninderjit Thandi was friggin seven times over the legal limit when he hit a pedestrian, two parked cars and a moving vehicle in Cheektowaga in March. That liver ain’t gonna last long.


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Beyond Drink Driving

OMG, a New Jersey woman has been caught driving with a blood alcohol level of .39 with…wait for it…three children in the car. A police officers noticed Georgette Massi swerving all over the road with both the passenger side tires of her Jeep Cherokee completely flat. She also had a bottle of whiskey next to her which was only had about a third left in it. When she was breathalyzed she was just under being 5 times over the legal limit. Everyone was amazed she was still conscious. The little snowflakes (2 hers, 1 her friends) were all under 7. Her horrified hubby said “I know she drank. I didn’t know she had this sort of problem. She hid it well.”  Hmm??? Anywho, he seems to think her behavior is linked to her post natal depression.


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Some People Never Learn

You have been convicted of drunk driving 7 times, the last for killing someone, you spend 19 years in prison, what’s one of the first things you do when you get out? Get pissed, steal a car and crash down an embankment. Brilliant. When Douglas Gardner (54) was found by police staggering around the wreck his blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit, he’d been out of jail 31 days. If convicted Mr Gardner will get life. His family say he doesn’t need jail he needs help.


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Multi Tasking On a Whole New Level

Raymond A. Dryier from Illinois was not only driving drunk on a busy highway, he was also driving his car on the wrong side of the road… while texting. And who said men can’t multi-task!


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