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How To Steal A Venetian Blind

Oh bless, Northamptonshire police are looking for a thief who stole a Venetian blind . He should be easy to identify….he looks like this


Yep, he concealed the window blind by quietly slipping it down his jacket and into his trakky daks so as not to draw any suspicion.

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Dumbass Robber Of The Week

No seriously mister, bank robbing ain’t for you. Some Asian dude wearing a white scarf waltzed into a Madison Heights Flagstar bank, flashed a revolver and demanded cash. Not happy with his haul he went to the next customer service rep and demanded more money.When the rep told the dude he had no money, the gun accidentally went off ,scaring the shit out of the robber (not to mention the rep). The dude then fled with some money clutched in his hand.As he ran over a snow bank he dropped the money…and his gun…and a two way radio ….and his dignity!

Want sauce with that?


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Maru And The Small Boxes Of Hell

My favorite dumbass cat, Maru,  is back. You know, the one with a box fetish. Anywho, the owner decided to mess with poor kitty by placing a series of small boxes in the room  to see if  Maru could squeeze his fat butt into them. Hmm, if I were him, I’d be sleeping with one eye open….Maru is one angry but determined pussy.


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So When Can You Start?

OK, here’s the thing dumbass teens, when stealing money from a Indiana Ice Cream Parlor tip jar, make sure you don’t put your names on a friggin job application form first. I’m just saying!

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Dumbassed Robber

No seriously , don’t give up your day job!

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An Epic Burglar Fail

A dumbass immortalized. Priceless.


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Hello, Is This The Bank?

No, no, no, you guys are doing it all wrong. Here’s the thing Albert Bailey you don’t ring up a bank prior to robbing it and ask to have the bag of money ready. By the time the two clowns, Albert and a 16 year old, arrived at the bank the police were waiting for them. Sgt. James Perez of the Connecticut police said the suspects were “not too bright.” Ya think!


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