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Some People Just Shouldn’t Rob Banks

OK, here’s the thing lady bank robber, the art to robbing a bank does not include leaving your personal debit card on the teller’s counter nor leaving  behind the demand note, which was written on the back of your prescription. Sheez , friggin amateur. In a last act of stupidity when police rocked up at Kimberly Ramirez’s apartment, there she was outside having locked herself out.


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And the Winner Is

Fail, fool!

Fail, fool!

OK the first rule of bank robbery, don’t give your name, address and bank details before you attempt to hold it up. Jarell Paul Arnold  walked into the Alaska USA Federal Credit Union in Anchorage handed over all his personal details before slipping the teller a note demanding money. Oh and if you think he was a first timer think again, the fool had already served time for a failed robbery in 2004. Hmm, it maybe time to be thinking, career change.


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