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Grand Opening Fail

OK, here’s the thing lady, if you are going to attempt to steal $200 worth of items by stuffing them down your clothes, can you make sure it’s not during the grand opening of the friggin store, especially when the Hoquiam Chief of police and McGruff the crime dog are in attendance. Gosh!


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Britain’s Dumbest Crim

No seriously Jason Williams, you aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Mr Williams was arrested and jailed after he stole his next door neighbors curtains and then hung them up in his own window.


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Daddy Dearest

Regrets, he had a few!

OK, here’s the thing Donald Curtis Denney, plotting to smuggle a chunk of black tar heroin to your son in prison was never going to work, especially after the two of you discussed it over friggin monitored telephones for two months. OK Loons, you may upchuck a little after you hear what the two schemed, so be warned. Denney was going to shove the golf sized black tar heroin up his butt and then he was going to pass it to his son (the hard hat bandit) via a mouth to mouth kiss during a visit (nasty). Fortunately he was arrested at the Colorado prison before the tonguey.

Psst Damn! I would have made him exchange the heroin before  arresting him.


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And Where Do You Think You Are Going With That?

Student caught stealing jail computerSometimes you just cant help yourself. William K Bradley a Western Michigan Uni student has been named  in the top 6  of the Kalamazoo County Circuit Judge Gary Giguere Jr’s all time dumbest criminal list. Nice achievement considering you’re a friggin uni student. So what did he do? Hmm, well it seems he stole a computer from the Kalamazoo County jail while he was already serving a sentence for some other crime. That’s another 6 months tacked on right there! I want to see his list!


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