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Chasing Their Tails

When 800 cut cat and dog tails appeared around a Brazilian town, it wasn’t surprising everyone dashed off to check their pets but apparently no animals have been reported missing. The dog and cat tails have been appearing all over the town and has left authorities baffled. The markings, where the tails have been cut, indicate a machine was used to cut off them off. Town folk are worried someone maybe passing off dead cat and dog as food  in the stalls set up during their major festival.


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Charles Manson …Always a Bridesmaid

Charles Manson caught with another cell phone

Call me…

Good news ladies, Charles Manson is back on the market. Yep, he has dumped his lady love and cancelled the wedding after he discovered the evil, dastardly, fiend was planning to put his body on display after he croaked it. The 27 year old was evidently plotting with some mates to come up with a get rich scheme. Sheez, lucky for them Manson is behind bars, me thinks. Anywho, Manson claims he was never intending to marry the woman but was simply using her to get toiletries and goodies. Ouch. So ladies, anyone want an 80 year old serial killer, with a steady income and no chance of parole?


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One Man’s Junk Is A Country’s National Treasure

Henry VIIISomeone is going to be really pissed when they realise the old wooden bed they dumped in a hotel car park in Chester is worth about 20 million pounds and is now one of the most valuable pieces of furniture in British history. The bed, which was recently sold at auction for £2,200, belonged to none other than Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Haven’t got a clue who they were? They were Henry VIII’s parents, which means it is highly likely the serial widower and Catholic church meddler was conceived in it.

Want sauce with that?


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On The Bright Side

Getting dumped by your girlfriend …. heartbreaking. Winning $30.5 million in the lottery and not having to share it with her…. priceless.

Sandeep Singh, who was recently sent packing by his girlfriend, was working two jobs to support his family when he won $4 on a scratchie. Singh then used the winnings to buy four quick pick Mega Millions tickets and friggin won.


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It’s Murder She Wrote

Remember the female body found on the Queen’s Sandringham estate New Years Day, which wasn’t Fergie’s? Well police suspect foul play and are currently scouring cold cases. The body of the woman was found near where the Royal family gather for their Boxing Day shoot. Oo Oh! I hope it wasn’t fowl play, because that wouldn’t be pheasant (sorry, bad joke). Police believe the body could have been there for over four months without being detected.


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Anyone Missing 3000 Pairs of Undies?

Hey Bearman,  you know anything about this? Seems someone has discarded 3,000 pairs of new and used panties along a roadside in Ohio.


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World’s Heaviest Mom Gets Dumped

Oh my, the world’s heaviest mom is on a diet. Yeah, you better believe it. The 600lb woman who makes $90,000 a year from fans who paid to watch her eat more than 15,000 calories a day  has been dumped by her “chubby chasing” fiance, so she is giving up the food. She is closing her subscription fee site, moving back to Ohio and starting a weight loss blog. BUT, Donna Simpson has left the fridge door ajar saying she might consider going back to the binge if she finds someone who wants her to be heavier again. So she shouldn’t sell her mobility scooter or her XXXXXXXL size clothes just quite yet.


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Jilted Bride Tries To End It All

A woman whose fiance dumped her just days before their wedding and married someone else, donned on a wedding dress and attempted to jump from a 7 story window in China. Fortunately Guo Zhongfan , a local community officer, grabbed Miss Li as she jumped from the ledge. Take a bow Guo, what a hero…hmm, are you single?

Psst Want to see dramatic photos click here MSNBC.

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What The Hell Is That?

whoah cable, can I watch the Discovery Channel?

Whoa cable, can I watch the Discovery Channel?

OK, it isn’t quite a scuba diver but having a seahorse scooped up and dumped on your front law is pretty impressive.Karen Warr was returning home from the shops when she noticed a strange object on her pathway. When she bent down to have a closer inspection she realized it was a friggin seahorse and it was breathing (oh crap). Quick thinking Karen sprinted inside, grabbed a bowl (filling it with lukewarm water) then found a spatula for picking the creature up with and returned to the gasping visitor. Poor little thing was just about on its last breathe when it was scrapped off the pavement and plonked into the bowl. Luckily Karen lives down the road from the Sea Life Centre and they were at her doorstep in a jiffy. They believe the rare long-nosed seahorse had been scooped up by a seagull before being unceremoniously dumped 3 miles from the sea into Karen’s yard. The recouping seahorse, now named Pegasus, is slowly being introduced back into salt water and will be monitored and quarantined for the next month (seahorse immigration process). Hmm, I wonder if her seahorse buddies think she was abducted by aliens?


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