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Primal Instinct

OMG, a top South African rugby player has been arrested for allegedly hacking to death three men who he believed gang raped his daughter, giving her HIV. The man, who has not been named, played for one of the leading teams in Durban. The three men were butchered with an axe, with one being decapitated and his head thrown in a dustbin. When police raided the player’s house they found an axe and bloodied clothing of one of the victims. Sadly the crime rate in South Africa, especially sexual assaults against women, has spiraled out of control forcing many to take action into their own hands. Another tragic tale that will have no winners.

Psst The rugby player is black so police have ruled out a racial motivation for the killings.

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Vuvuzela Death In Durban

OK here’s the thing teenage football fan playing the vuvuzela in Durban, if your neighbor hears you, your pretty much dead. Asande Cele (14) was blowing away on his vuvuzela after his team Bafana Bafana beat France at the World Cup when kaboom, he was shot dead by his grumpy neighbor who hated the noisy friggin horn.

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