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Um, No!

Oh well never mind, a woman who injured her nose and damaged her teeth while having sex during a work trip won’t be able to claim worker’s compensation. Unfrigginlucky. Seems she was suppose to tell her employer she planned to have a bit of hankie pankie first. The public servant’s injuries were thanks to a glass light fitting falling off the wall and hitting her in the moosh during sex with an unnamed man !


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Didn’t See It Coming

Now this could come in handy loons, especially if you can’t find your beer goggles. A man in England sought medical help after he kept going temporarily blind during sex. The unnamed man was evidently  suffering from vasoconstriction ( the same condition that causes erectile dysfunction) where the muscle walls contract around a blood vessel and viola, blind as a bat. Hmm, nice window of opportunity to do a runner, I say!


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Fall From Grace

OK loons, what’s worse than a cheating couple falling 5m from a first floor apartment during a sex ? Ending up in the same hospital as the woman’s hubby who had fallen from a roof a few days earlier. Awkward. The cheating pair from Lubeck in Germany were getting it on when they tumbled out of a window. Despite denials they were having sex  the neighbors beg to differ, having watched the shenanigans prior to the thud.


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