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Where Did They Go?

Netherlands closing 8 prisons due to lack of criminalsEither the justice system in  the Netherlands really sucks or the Dutch are just a bunch of law abiding citizens because they just closed 8 prisons due to lack of criminals. Hmm, that’s because they are  all smoking weed at the local cafes.


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Honey, He Said Only To WEE In The Shower!!!!

Dutch official recommends peeing in showerA Dutch government official has suggested if people want to save money on their water bills they should pee in the shower. Yes, Bert Wassink who is a regular shower pisser  says “If you combine showers and peeing, you save a lot of water and money, so why not?”

Psst Might want to avoid going swimming in his pool!!!!


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While the rest of the world squirm at the very thought of simply legalizing euthanasia, the Dutch are already launching mobile euthanasia teams who will come to your house to carry out the  deed. Evidently there are 3,100 mercy killings carried out each year in the Netherlands and around 1,000 assisted suicides requests. Sheez, busy!

Want sauce with that?


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Brave or Foolish?

Remember Laura Dekker? No? Well, she is the 14 year old Dutch girl who fought the courts to be allowed to sail around the world by her friggin self.And guess what? She set off today in her yacht “Guppy”. Ms Dekker is hoping to beat Jessica Watson’s record of becoming the youngest person (16) to circumnavigate the globe. Good luck with that.


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The Real South Park

I’m not a big South Park fan but the Dutch…sheez…ever heard of animators? Here’s what happens when they turn a cartoon into real people! If you are easily offended I suggest you don’t watch!

Psst No way this would ever get passed by our censors!


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Smart Cars Don’t Float

Forget cow tipping people, the Dutch are Smart Car Dipping. Yep, as the rest of Europe cringe and hope this wont become a new craze, over a dozen of the little eco-friendly two seater Smart Cars have been dumped in Amsterdam canals. One poor guy had the police knock in the middle of the night to tell him his car was floating down a waterway outside his apartment. His room mate’s Smart Car got a dunking the week before. Come on, lets face it the cars are sinking sitting ducks for these types of childish pranks. No really, it doesn’t take very many people to lift it and chuck.

Psst I hear Mercedes are seriously considering making the next model float.

Ooh and lookie Smart Car even have a banned commercial, bonus!


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