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Gordon Ramsay’s Dwarf Doppelganger Eaten By Badgers

Oh my, some of you may remember Percy Foster, he’s an x rated dwarf porn star who is the spitting image of Hell’s Kitchen chef Gordon Ramsay and the star of Hi-Ho Hi-Ho, It’s Up Your Arse We Go. Well anywho, Percy’s been found dead in a badger’s den. Yes, I’m talking the home of the of those weasel type critters. The half eaten body was discovered by agriculture experts who were planning to gas the badgers in an area near Wales. No one knows how he got so deep into the animal’s chamber but investigators think it may have been suicide.


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You Can Make The Short Blacks and Expressos!

Oh boy, the US government is suing Starbucks Coffee company for firing a dwarf. Yep, seems an El Paso store violated the federal law by refusing to supply the short barista with a stool or step ladder so she could reach the coffee machines. The employee, who had been training for three days, had asked for a stool so she could do her job but her request was denied and instead she was fired. Starbucks claim the reason for her dismissal was because she could be a danger to customers and workers. Sheez, give me a break,  haven’t they seen the Roloff’s in action?


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Oxford University Says No

Sad news for the penis pulling dwarf, Demon Dan. You know that trick you do with the vacuum cleaner? Well, the dean of St Peters College (Oxford) has a little problem with it, so, no, you won’t be appearing at their ball. Demon Dan drags a vacuum cleaner around by his genitals (just in case you were wondering) . But don’t fret, the dude who pulls his neck skin over his mouth ain’t allowed to attend either. C’est La Revolution.


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Did Bin Laden Shrink?

Sheez, just when you thought you’d seen everything in twaddles a tiny terrorist dwarf with an AK-47 assault rifle slung over his shoulder.Yep, the mini Mujahideen, who looks strikingly like a miniature Bin Laden was filmed on the streets of Afghanistan.


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You Go Little Guy

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go…..

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