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See Ya Charles Manson

Evidently Charles Manson is about to see what is behind death’s door.  Good luck with that!  The 1960s cult leader/manipulative narcissist who mastermind then convinced his followers to kill, is about to meet his maker. The 83 year old only has a day or so to live due to an undisclosed illness. Can’t say I will be sad to see him go. I do hope however this will give some closure to those directly affected by his atrocities. No RIP from this loon.

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Bee Crisis Scaring European Politicians

I don't feel well!!!

Seems my doomsday work is never done. Just when you thought the Eurpoean economic crisis was going to be the end of the civilised world as we know it, up pops the friggin honey bee crisis once again! The pollination woes are such a major concern to European politicians they are begging the European Union (EU) to invest more funding into why the bees are dying on mass. Hmm, Albert Einstein’s little prediction seems to scaring the living beejeesus out of them “without bees, man would live no more than four years.”

Psst Dear lord, does that mean I will be forced to put Vegemite on my toast instead of honey ?


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Love Thy Neighbor

Edward Jimmis is highly unlikely to win citizen of the year after he put a wreath on the back of his garage door with a handmade sign which read “Glad you have canser. So die stupid.” (and no , he can’t spell very well either). The target was his next door neighbor, Bob Gold, who is fighting cancer. When police asked the cold hearted Jimmis to remove the sign he refused because technically he wasn’t breaking any laws. Evidently the two had a falling out! It was only after a news reporter rocked up that Jimmis switched the sign to “Love your neighbor”.


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