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Deadly Pickles

Hell has no fury like a contaminated pickled Chinese cabbage. So far 10 people, mostly elderly, are dead in Japan from eating the e-coli infested  pickles processed by a factory in Sapporo. More than 103 others have been upchucking and feeling downright sick from the nasty bacteria.


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Step Away From The Fridge

Guess which is the most deadliest, E.coli, salmonella and listeria infected area of your fridge? Seriously do not and I repeat, do not, go near the salad drawer, it has friggin 8,000 bacteria in every square centimeter.

Want sauce with that?


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Killer Cucumbers Spread Fear In Europe


Dear god people, you might want to arm yourself with  salad forks, the vegetables are revolting. Like out of some vegan horror film, Spanish cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuces are knocking people down like flies all over Europe. Armed with E.coli the vegetables have so far killed two people in Germany and attacked over 300 in Britain, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. Authorities fear these nasty vegetables maybe targeting healthy eaters (especially vegetarians) and are hinting that disgruntled meat eaters might be behind it! The best way to determine if you’ve been E.coli-ed is to check your diarrhea for blood.I recommend you stay indoors, check your fridge for any suspicious looking food and order pizza until further notice.

Psst OK, OK, OK,  I made up the part about disgruntled meat eaters!!!


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The Things They Don’t Tell You About Shopping Carts

Here’s something you won’t read on Wikileaks!  A new study has revealed 72% of shopping cart handles have friggin  fecal bacteria on them. In layman’s terms…that’s shit! Researchers believe there is more poop bacteria on the carts than in a bathrooms because no one friggin disinfects the carts. It also revealed that E Coli was on half the handles too! For goodness sakes wash your friggin hands people!


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Step Away From The Testers

OK ladies, next time you waltz up to a cosmetic counter you might want to think twice before touching a tester.Reason? E.Coli has been found in 100%, yes I said 100%, of all beauty product testers at department store make-up counters (which basically means they all contain traces of feces). Ewh, that’s right ladies, some filthy creature has gone to the bathroom, failed to wash their hands and then stuck their fingers into a moisturizer. Bless. Then you go and rub their shit on your face or hands. Charming. Oh and it just gets worse, other bacterias found include staph and strep strains, those are precursors to herpes and conjunctivitis people.


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Waiter There is A Penis In My Soup!

My tummy feels all yucky

My tummy feels all yucky

Oh damn, if you were after a bit of goat penis you are out of luck. Ho Chi Minh City was forced to destroy 1.5 tons of goat penises because of contamination.Seems some nasty little bacterias are to blame, namely E.Coli and Salmonella ! Ooh dear god and the penises came from Australia whats more (that would mean some very unhappy goats!). Hmm, despite labels clearly stating they were not for human consumption 47 of the 72 boxes were sold as food. Yummy, goat penis soup anyone?


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