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Quick, Pass Me The Evidence Bag

You know what I hate? When you are booking some dude into jail and find a piece of a woman’s ear in his pocket. I really friggin hate that.

Want sauce with that?


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The Man With One Pearl Earhole

Calvin Wright got the surprise of his life when a nurse removed a pearl that had been wedged in his ear for 41 years. Hmm, wash your ears much? When Calvin was five he and his sister were mucking around with their mom’s pearl necklace. One thing lead to another (ie they broke it) and Calvin’s sister shoved two pearls down his ear hole. A screaming Calvin was taken to hospital but doctors only removed one of the pearls. Hmm, might explain why he spoke really loudly for all these years!


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These Guys Mean Business

Oh for crying out loud don’t be going to Portugal and getting yourself kidnapped, you’ll friggin regret it, I’m telling you. Just ask Scottish guy James Ross. Poor dude had his testicle, wedding finger, ear and two toes sliced off for his troubles. Despite denials by his wife that Ross was involved in a drug deal gone bad, the kidnappers sent his body parts to a rival gang as a warning. He was later found bleeding on the streets of Boliqueime after he managed to escape.

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It Was Never Going To End Well

No Michael Johnson, no, you never ever use super glue as a practical joke. Johnson (19) and his mates were on a camping trip when he decided to pour a tube of super glue onto one of his friends cheeks while he was sleeping. Johnson thought the guy would touch it and his hand would stick to his face. Genius!  Hmm, only prob was the glue rolled down the victims cheek, into one of his eyes and ear. Yep, as you can imagine when the victim woke his eye was sealed shut and he couldn’t hear. Of course Johnson has been charged and the victim is still seeking medical treatment because the glue drained into his inner ear. And so ends their New York camping trip.


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