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Kill Joy Fox Ruins Easter

Take note amateurs, if you are going to hide your candy filled plastic eggs around the yard at night for an Easter egg hunt, please notify your local sweet toothed fox. He obviously didn’t get the MEMO but sends many thanks to the Virginia family for the 30 tasty eggs.

PS Why am I singing Fox on with the runs?

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Enter Squirrels

Squirrels join easter egg huntWhat could possibly go wrong at an Easter egg hunt in Minneapolis? Hmm, how about a mob of candy lovin squirrels? Seems the furry little rodents decided to out run join the 100 snowflakes in looking for the eggs, sniffing out all the candy filled ones and ignoring the ones with toys . Hmm, sounds more like wombies dressed in squirrel’s clothing to me.


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Spring Sphere Anyone?

Hang on one minute, its the only time we arent called vermin!

Attention Christians, if your snowflake comes home from school with a “spring sphere” that’s an Easter egg in “before the world went friggin mad with political correctness”. Yep, seems a Seattle school is playing it safe by avoiding any mention of the “E” word this season by renaming the eggs, “spheres”.    Hmm, I guess calling them chocolate bunny poops would be wrong?


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