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Easter Is Going To Pot

Seems drug dealers really love to exploit Easter. In Oklahoma some woman stuffed $30,000 worth of meth in the bottom of a Easter bunny soft toy and posted it to a dealer. She must have put her address on the parcel because she got busted. Meanwhile over in Oregon a woman discovered three bags of marijuana in a toy she had purchased for her young daughter at Walmart .


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It’s Not What You Want

noOh for the love of….who invited the white supremacists to the Virginia Easter egg hunt? Seems several little snowflakes were finding eggs throughout Henrico County filled with nasty racist notes. Fortunately most kids didn’t understand the meaning of the messages which included pithy little statements like “Mass immigration and forced assimilation of non-whites into our lands is genocide.” and “Diversity = white genocide,”.


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Happy Easter Loons

From me , Claudius and Maximus ….. my two little Easter bunnies






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Hey Mommy, Look What The Easter Bunny left

Now jump kid, jump!!!

You know what I hate? When a group of little kiddies go on an Easter egg hunt and find a hand grenade. I really friggin hate that! The Somerset Easter hunt was called off when a parent spotted a three year old standing on it. Oh my, what a nightmare, imagine trying to stop an Easter egg hunt! Now that would have ended in tears! Anywho, bomb squad arrived  and blew it up.


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Happy Easter

Happy Easter, except for those devout Catholics in Philippines who got themselves nailed to crosses (theirs won’t be so happy).

Seriously, that’s gotta hurt, especially when they have to remove the nails 😦


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Happy Easter

Have a Happy Easter loons. Oh and if you aren’t of any Christian religious persuasion or don’t like chocolate have a great day anywho.


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Lack of Easter Dress Sense

When you go to a family Easter dinner dressed in a T-shirt and denim shorts you normally don’t expect to get shot. Police say Evelyn Burgess (42) was not impressed when Danielle Pickens (19) rocked up to the dinner inappropriately dressed. Of course it ended in a fight but when Ms Pickens went outside to leave…kaboom…Ms Burgess shot her in the head with a shotgun. Ms Pickens later died in hospital. There goes Easter!


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No Easter Bunnies in Otago

Look away, look away....

Oh dear god, don’t be taking your little snowflakes to Central Otago in New Zealand anytime around Easter, they may witness the Great Easter Bunny Hunt (and not in a good way). Hmm, years of therapy right there! Every year hunters load up their rifles and guns and blow the crap out of any furry creature that may be considered a pest. That means you, little rabbits, hares, possums and stoats. This year saw 24,378 of God’s little creatures meet their maker prematurely. Here’s the slaughter tally 23,064 rabbits, 1,152 hares, 54 possums and 54 stoats. Happy Easter!


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St Peter Appears on an Agate

Hey, hey St Peter

OK, I’m going to have to take her word for it but a woman in San Antonio claims the face of St Peter is staring back at her from an agate stone. She is pretty much convinced it’s him, pointing out that in Exodus 28:17:21 is says 12 stones represent the 12 houses of Israel and one of those stones is an agate. Hmm, so that makes sense. Then we have his name “Peter” which in Greek (Petros) means rock and of course “On this rock I will build me church…..” So I am kinda leaning towards the fact she is darn tootin right!


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Happy Easter from the Pope

While everyone holds their breath in anticipation of  some apology or reference to the recent catholic priest sex scandals rocking the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI has remained tight lipped during the Easter celebrations.  Seems the only reference muttered was something about Jesus “turning the other cheek”. Geez, I hope he wasn’t referring to butt cheeks!  Spin doctors are currently at work making Pope Benedict the champion of the cause “It was Pope Benedict who gave us, in different ways, the ability to handle this crisis more quickly and in  a way that helps to heal.”  Blah, blah, blah if he truly was serious about fighting predator priests they should be excommunicated and all information turned over to police. It’s as simple as that!

Psst For all the low down on Pope scandals in recent months head over to the Madhatters.

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