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Colombia University Students Go Nutella Mad

Students at Colombia University eating $5000 of Nutella a weekPoor, poor, nut and sugar deprived students at Colombia University are eating their way through $5,000 worth of Nutella a week, so says the  executive director of dining services at the uni. Since the chocolate hazelnut spread was introduced into the cafeterias last month, students have been seen scoffing down entire jars in one sitting or stealing the jars for later scoffing. Hmm, I suspect they were all deprived of this delicacy as children. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a spike in gym membership soon.

Psst What ever you do don’t tell the Wombies.


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End Credits

OK loons, casts your minds back to last year when a lawyer shot dead a man who was munching his popcorn too loudly during the screening of Black Swan in a Latvian cinema. Yeah, well, he got himself 17 years behind bars. Seems the jury didn’t buy Nikolajs Zikovs’ whole argument that he shot the unarmed man in front of his young daughter in self defense. Tough crowd!  It also didn’t help his case that the incident occurred as the final credits were rolling.


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A Craving Which Will Leave You Sparkling On The Inside

You know what I hate? Getting pregnant and suddenly having a craving for furniture polish. I really friggin hate that. Just ask poor 7 month pregnant Emma Veness who has a constant craving for polish. She now eats the content straight out of the can. Oh and if you were wondering what her polish of choice is, its Asda Smart Price polish. Yummy! Yes, she is seeking help, gosh!

Psst Clean house I bet!


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I Hope It Was 2 Ply

Oh my, an inmate at a Texas jail committed suicide by swallowing copious amounts of wet toilet paper. Joel de la Rosa (18) was being held on drug charges at the time of his tragic end.


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