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Onesie Sleeping Bag

Shoot me now… a onesie sleeping bag anyone? That’s a whole lotta grief for $129 …just saying




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Haunted Doll



Oh for crying out loud, you don’t go and put a haunted doll on eBay UK. What the hell will happen if it finds out? From the numerous horror stories I’ve seen, that doll is gonna haunt you for eternity no matter what you do to rid yourself of its evil. Sorry sunshine. The owner, who claims the damn thing is possessed, has numerous scratches and one very tired eye from his encounters with the evil little thing. The starting price on eBay was 5 pounds but some fool has purchased it for 200. Never you mind that doll won’t be gone for long…. just saying.


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Wedding Cake Fail

OK, lets just skip the part about it being a racing car tyre wedding cake . WTF? Some poor British bride walked into her wedding to find this monstrosity greeting her. Oh, damn straight she did what any peeved off bride would do, she bunged the cakewreck on Ebay for 99 pence hoping to offload the unsightly thing on some sucker . Oh, she also added these choice words  “Uncut, along with large amount of awful cupcakes for free. No topper or decoration. Unusual design. Very heavy. A few defects due to the maker being unskilled,”

Yours for 99p

Yours for 99p


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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Leave Us The Hell Alone

haunted mirror for sale on eBay

Leave us alone

Attention Loons, is anyone interested in a Victorian style mirror that has brought nothing but  bad luck, misery, financial problems and illness to its owners? Well if yes, it could be yours. The owners have thrown the haunted thing on eBay. Mrjoiee, from London and his flatmate rsecued the mirror from the rubbish after their landlord had thrown it out, but since mounting it on the wall the pair have had nothing but feeling of impending doom, illness and money woes. Needless to say there hasn’t been one friggin bid. If you want it click here …oh and make sure to read the description.


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Ebay Yellow Dress Fail

Note to self, when putting a photo up on eBay, make sure you don’t accidentally appear in the photo naked!!!! Oh dear, this poor British blonde has become an internet sensation after posting a photo of her yellow skater dress on eBay. Awkward doesn’t seem to cut it.

Blonde girl accidentally appears naked on ebay



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Who’s The Man In The Windshield?

OK loons, have a guess whose face this is in that blob of bird poop.  Go on, take your time.

If you said Michael Jackson take a bow. Some dude in Chicago was lucky enough to have some bird shit the late singer onto his windshield. He told reporters how he suddenly saw Jacko appear before his very eyes and how it became even more evident when the poop hardened.  Now he has plonked the windshield on eBay at a reserve price of $500. Smooth criminal.


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Seahorse Cheeto

See this seahorse Cheeto right there, sold for 100 bucks on eBay.


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Princess Diana on Toast Anyone?

Oh for the love of all things bright and beautiful, Princess Diana hair jam? Well, I suppose we should be grateful it wasn’t toe jam? Anywho, for $7.60 you can buy a jar of “occult” jam which contains a snippet of the late Princess of Wale’s lock. OK, well it’s been infused in gin and then mixed with milk and sugar but she’s in there somewhere. Sam Bompas from the catering company Bompas and Parr bought the hair off eBay for $10 (dear god it could be anyone’s hair!!) with the intent purpose of using it for the surrealist art show at London’s Barbican Art Gallery. Hmm, nothing says surreal like a famous persons hair in your jam.


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Clip Art Makes Everything Shit

Just the world Clip Art makes me laugh out loud…why is that?


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Ideal First Home Buyer Bunker

Guaranteed privacy

Feel like owning your own piece of cold war history? Well have I got a surprise for you, Ebay are auctioning off an underground nuclear bunker in Derbyshire. Oh yes, a slightly used 1959 Royal Observer Corps bunker which had been fully operational until 1991. Hello, it even comes with it’s own little plot of land in a beautiful farmland setting which is fully fenced. But wait, there’s more, it’s 15ft underground and can be reached by a metal hatch and shaft and includes a desk, chair, siren box, jerry cans and a sump grill and sump pump. Better be quick people, the auction ends on the 7th March. Interested? Click here ROC Nuclear Bunker – Master Post – Peak District.

UPDATE The bunker sold for  £20,600 .


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