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RIP Three Actors and a Comedian

This week hasn’t been a good one in Hollywood. It started with the death of Eddie Fisher, then Gloria Stuart (Titanic granny Rose), then comedian Greg Giraldo and now Tony Curtis. RIP you all.


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Rumor Mill Round Up

Oh for the love of god Lindsay, can you stop snorting long enough to get on Oprah. Yoyo Lindsay spent less than 24 hours behind bars after failing two drug tests before she was granted bail.Duh, how can we follow the train wreck if she’s behind bars? Eddie Fisher passed away.OK for anyone too young to know who the hell he was, he’s Carrie Fisher’s papa (Princess Leia for goodness sakes).Fisher was married to Debbie Reynolds before Liz Taylor got her talons into him.  Michael Jackson’s mom claims she can’t live on $26,000 a month. Hmm, lets see $26,000 divided by 348 freeloading relis that’s like $74.72 each. They are about to foreclose on Octomom’s house so she had a yard sale. Why bother, she’ll soon be a free boarder compliments of the US taxpayers.Sheez, talk about an irresponsible uterus. Oh and last but not least Aussie actress Portia de Rossi is now officially Portia DeGeneres.You’re owned!


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