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Stop Wriggling!!!

What do we have here then?

Doctors and nurses at a New Zealand hospital are stilled gathered around the water cooler whispering about a man who rocked up to emergency on the weekend with a short finned eel stuck up his bottom. No loons, they have no idea how it got there but they do have their theories!!!!


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Pain In The Ass

Oh for goodness sakes , seems a live eel got a little too up close and personal with a fishmonger’s bottom after  he fell into a tank. Li Chang from China got a nasty surprise when a zesty eel as “wide as two fingers and as long as a man’s arm” slithered up his butt while in the tank. Poor Mr Chang was so embarrassed he dried off and continued working despite the creature still stuck in his bottom. Eventually he rang an ambulance after the pain became unbearable. Doctors were able to remove the eel and repair the internal damage created by the creature.


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Not a Pleasant Way To Go

OMG, a chef from Sichuan in China, died after his mates put an eel up his butt and it ate his bowel. No seriously, that is gross. The 50cm Asian swamp eel was shoved up the man’s anus after he passed out drunk during a night out with some friends. Doctors only found the slimy creature in his rectum after he had died. Bummer!

Psst The funeral will be awkward


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