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Naked Dancing Dude

Intruder found dancing naked inside houseYou know what I hate? When you come home and find some dude dancing naked in your house . I really friggin hate that, especially when he refuses to leave. When El Paso cops arrived they found the intruder still inside but he had quit dancing and was just lying on the bed starkers. Oh why, oh why didn’t they report what kind of dance he was doing, so I could get the full picture in my head? Now all I see is a naked man dancing like Ellen .


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So Was He Driving Under The Influence?

Pedro Torres Reyes passed out in his gray, 1997 ,Nissan Sentra. So? He was parked in the center lane of a friggin street with the car running and in gear. Not to worry though, police woke him up and took the 10 cocaine filled baggies they found. He’s now sleeping it off in an El Paso jail.

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Epic Robbery Fail

Dumb and dumber

Oh for crying out loud you idiots, that is no way to rob a jewelry store. At some stage Noemi Duchene and Luis Del Castillo had the bright idea of robbing Estate & New Jewelry in El Paso.  Del Castillo pushed Duchene in her wheelchair  right up to the front of the store (so the security camera could get a great shot) before Duchene gets out of the wheelchair and covers her head with a black trash bag. She then enters the store while Del Castillo waits by her chair.Duchene pulls a knife and demands “everything” but the owner pulls out her stun gun.The two then chase each other around for awhile before the owner tackles Duchene (because she’s none too fast) and holds her until police arrive. Meanwhile De Castillo is still waiting patiently beside the wheelchair. Turns out the dumbasses lived in an apartment right across the street.

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