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Call of Duty

911A big shout out to the two Manchester police officers who responded to a 999 call. The call was made by an elderly couple who told the dispatcher they were lonely. The two cops didn’t hesitate in driving to the 95 year olds’ house and sitting down to have a cuppa and chat with them. “We’ve got to look after people as well, it’s not just fighting crime, it’s protecting people in whatever situation they find themselves”

Meanwhile in Florida a woman rang 911 asking if it was possible for someone to buy her some chicken wings and ciggies because she was too drunk to drive.


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I’m On The Highway To Hell

This is what happens if you take on the local government in China. An elderly couple who refused to have their home in a block of flats demolished, because the compensation was too low, now have to contend with a massive traffic and noise nightmare. Thanks to a change in Chinese laws, local authorities can no longer oust people from their homes without their consent but they can sure make their lives are a living hell. This local goverment decided to build the motorway (which goes to the airport) around their property after they refused to budge.


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Honey, Are You Sure It’s Not A Weed?

Oh bless. An elderly couple, who had loving nurtured a plant they bought at a flea market, have avoided arrest after police described it as the “biggest cannabis plant we had seen”. The couple, who had no idea what they had bought, planted it outside their Bedford home in England and watched it grow.

but is looks so pretty


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Granny Gets Maced

When an elderly disabled man stopped his car outside the Home Depot store (blocking a bit of the road) to let out his elderly disabled wife, some nasty woman drove passed, screaming abuse. Not being completely content scaring the crap out of the frail couple, she continued her tirade  after parking her car. Oh it didn’t stop there. The woman then pulled out a can of pepper spray and let the elderly woman have it in the face before fleeing. Fortunately, the public helped police to track down the culprit and arrest her. Hmm, well maybe she will move faster getting out of the car next time (kidding people, kidding!!!).



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That’s the Last Straw

A 99 year old Italian man has filed for divorce from his wife of 77 years after learning she had had an affair in the 1940’s. Antonio discovered the bitter truth when he went snooping through his 96 year old wife’s things just prior to Christmas.Despite the affair occurring 50 years ago Antonio is so pissed with Rosa he wants to end the marriage pronto.This will put him in the record books for the oldest person to ever get a divorce. Well ain’t love grand!


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All Elevators Should Have Emergency Alarm Systems

OMG, an elderly couple have been found dead after an elevator in their home got stuck between floors and they died from heat exhaustion. The 90 and 89 year old were discovered after a concerned newpaper delivery person noticed the papers were piling up.The elevator had no emergency device like a phone for them to call for help. Terrible tragedy.

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The Sad Side Of Life

An elderly Chicago couple have been found alive under a pile of garbage in their house after neighbors became concerned about their welfare. The couple, believed to be in their 70’s, were living in absolute squalor when a pile of crap presumably fell on them. The house was virtually knee deep in garbage and food waste and police had to call the fire department because the stench was too bad for them to step foot inside. Both remain in a critical condition in hospital. It is unknown how long both had been trapped under the rubbish.

Psst Wanna learn more, check out bottom dwelling Dave’s blog post on Hambo Central about mental illness and Diogenes Syndrome.


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When Identity Theft Sucks

It's your turn to get it honey!

Spare a thought for the elderly couple in Brooklyn who over the past eight years have had the police come a knocking over 50 times. Walter and Rose Martin (83 and 82) are used to hearing “Police! Open up!” because it seems their address is the address of choice for druggies, scam artists and fraudsters. Hmm, so now after 8 friggin years the NYPD’s identity theft squad  said they are going to investigate. Atta boys.


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