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Strike One

Elderly woman dies in match factory mishapAn elderly woman working in a match factory in India was dragging a bundle of match boxes across the floor to make way for sweeping  when the friction caused… oh come on loons, you know the rest ….kaboom.

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Cat Fight

Look away cat lovers this is nasty. During a marital squabble in Buenos Aires, a man picked up their family cat and hurled it at his wife, she ducked and the cat flew out the window, which happened to be on the fourth floor. The cat landed on the head of a former opera singer who was crossing the road. The  woman (85)  is now in hospital with a fractured skull and the cat is dead. Don’t cry for me Arg….ah never mind.


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It Must Have Been The Sherry In The Trifle, Officer

Oh dear, a 90 year old woman has been caught drink driving in NSW. She recorded a 0.230 during a random breath test and was promptly arrested. Sheez, might want to lay off the sherry gran!

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Granny Goes Full Monty

Poor granny. When the Chinese government demolished her house as part of a massive urban renewal programme ( which allows forced evictions) , 77 year old Zhuang Jinghui stripped naked on the steps of the Shanghai courthouse as a last act of defiance. You go girl.



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Lawn Chair Traps Granny

Evelyn Rogers (75) is one very, very, lucky lady after she spent the night trapped in her lawn chair. Poor darl. She had been out watering the garden when she thought she would take a little breather on a canvas chair on the porch because it was so hot.As she was sitting there she noticed a piece of plastic sticking out from underneath the chair  so gave it a good old yank. That’s when the entire bottom of the chair ripped and her body slipped down into the aluminum frame. She became nicely wedged and couldn’t get out. All the yelling and screaming for help seemed to fall on deaf ears. Her family who lived in the house in front had gone on holidays and her neighbors were too far away to hear her screams. Her only chance was attracting the attention of the paperboy who delivered the paper at 5am the next morning. Mrs Rogers and her little chihuahua Lucy (who stayed by her side) stayed up throughout the night waiting, waiting, waiting. Then she finally saw the lights of a car..the paperboy. After Ethan Mueller (30) threw the paper from the window of his car he heard a dog barking and saw a woman wildly waving her hands. He drove back and found Mrs Rogers good and stuck. Despite his efforts he couldn’t get her out so called 911. After being separated from that damn chair doctors told her during the ordeal she had suffered a slight heart attack and her kidneys had failed. I expect the paperboy is going to get a very big tip this Christmas!

Psst Hmm, as for that lawn chair, you should take the wise wisdom of Kenny Rogers, “you gotta know when to fold them!”

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Sheez, Glad I Got That Off My Chest!

OK, here’s the thing 96 year old woman, confessing to a murder you committed 65 years ago still aint going to get you into heaven! Atie Ridder-Visser wrote a letter to the mayor of Leiden in Amsterdam confessing to the murder/ assassination of Felix Gulje in 1946. Gulje was about to run for a high political post when Visser knocked on his door and shot him in the chest. Seems Visser, who was a member of a resistance group, heard rumors he was a Nazi collaborator. Hmm, boy was she wrong. Following his death it was revealed Gulje had sheltered Jews and helped hide families from the Nazis. Whoops. Dutch authorities say they will not prosecute Visser.

Want sauce with that?


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Abductor With Bug Eyes

Seen this dude loons? He’s described as being a white male, with bug eyes and buck teeth. The armed man allegedly abducted an elderly woman from her car at a Miami shopping center, drove her to a wooded area, tied her up and gagged her before taking off with her car. Ann Lee Ernst eventually escaped and gave police a description of the man. They are actually currently circulating this sketch!


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Granny Sends The Internet Crashing


Whoopsie daisy, a 75 year old pensioner scavenging for scrap metal has been arrested after she single-handedly cut off internet connections in Georgia and neighboring Armenia for several hours. The granny hacked into a fibre-optic cable with the intent of stealing it but instead she successfully cut off thousands of internet users in both countries. Hmm, now she faces 3 years in prison and the wrath of Warcraft players everywhere.


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What Are The Odds?

You know what would really hurt? Having a toilet paper holder impaled in your neck. Just ask the 69 year old woman from Dallas who had a history of knee trouble before she slipped and fell right onto one. Rescuers later removed the holder and the paper which was still attached to it  from her neck before carting her to hospital for stitches.


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Would You Be a Dear and Give Me A Lift To The Bank?

Tsk, tsk granny!

You know what I hate? When an elderly woman asks you for a lift to the bank and then proceeds to  rob it. I really friggin hate that! Luke Weimert had no idea when police ordered him and Sandra Bathke out of his car at gunpoint that the little old lady next to him was a bank robber.While Luke had patiently waited outside the bank in his car, the 70 year had been inside pulling a gun on the teller and demanding money. As Luke drove her back to her apartment she calmly talked about the weather and the slippery roads. Seems Sandra was going to use the money to pay for her overdue rent after Luke’s mom (the landlord) gave her an eviction notice earlier that day. She had told Luke she needed a lift so she could withdraw the rent  money from her account. Oh well, now she will have free room and board.


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