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So That’s Why You’re Single!

I'm thinking eHarmony!

OK here’s the thing daddy, can you quit scaring off  eligible bachelors , I’m a desperate 42 year old surgeon for godness sakes! The Saudi women is currently suing her dad, who also happens to be her male guardian, because he is forcibly keeping her single. Could it be because her nice hefty salary goes directly into his bank account? I think so.


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She Wants Bang For Her Buck

How much would you pay to find a hunk-a-hunk of burning love loons? Come on a ball park figure?  Well Cheryl Mercuris from Florida has just spent $500,000 for a two week summer rental in the Hamptons in the hope of finding an eligible bachelor (good luck with that!). The $49.5 million dollar mansion called the Sandcastle boasts 14 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms , a bowling alley, skate ramp, squash court, spa, and a rock climbing wall. Honey, sweetie, darl, you’re 40, no offense, but the men at the Hamptons are handbag (young fashion accessory) shopping and don’t really care that you are self made millionaire. But on the other hand  if you want to be a cougar mama instead , then the skate ramp and bowling alley should do the trick! Oh well, if all else fails there’s always  eHarmony or Craigslist!

Psst Big shout out to Izzie Darling for the heads up.

2nd Psst Wanna see what bang you get for your buck? Check out the Sandcastle.


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