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Three Tassie Hunters Arrested in Idaho

Three men from Blackwood Creek in Tasmania have been arrested in Idaho for allegedly illegally hunting elk. In an ironic twist of fate they all live near where I am currently trapped. It’s the talk of the town. The trio had been under Investigation for poaching during several hunting seasons. Bail is set at $40,000 and the could face five years behind bars!


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Friggin Aggressive Elks!

Elk, husband, elk, husband? When Ingemar Westlund found the body of his wife, Agneta, by the side of a lake in Loftahammer, police were pretty much convinced it was a murder and hubby was prime suspect. For 10 days he was held in custody thinking ah shit! It wasn’t until forensic analysis came back and revealed that friggin elk hair and saliva was found on Agneta’s clothing that they believed his story. Evidently these placid animals get hyper and aggressive after eating fermented apples. Hmm, and a little gassy I believe!


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