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Something To Crow About Cow

OK Loons, I left the best till last,  introducing the “Something to Crow About Cow” or as I like to call the Cock and Bull! This golden cow was designed by artist Ella Jackson-Walley and can be found grazing under a tree outside Margarets Forest.

Cock and Bull!


Drinks on me!


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Sighted at “Cow Bombie”

Yeah, thought I’d forgotten  huh? Nope, here is another cow for your viewing pleasure, Sighted at “Cow Bombie” . This lazy assed, bikini clad  Bovine spends most of the day soaking up the sun and pretending she can surf, dead set!

Ella Jackson-Walley : We are heading for “Cow Bombie” in our south west where you will find a surf break to equal the best. Surfers come from all over the world to try and catch the big one that’s  heading for shore and about to curl. Here you will find the top guns and the fledgling little grommies – but nothing will compare to our princess – Sighted at Cow Bombie!

Sighted at Cow Bombie

Nice hooves!!!

Can you be a love and rub some cream into my hide?

These togs are seriously unflattering to a cow!


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