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Don’t Be Cruel

Thank you very much

Forget Winston Churchill’s false teeth, autopsy tools used to embalm and prepare Elvis Presley’s body are up for auction in Chicago! Friggin awesome. Ooh and did I happen to mention his toe tag as well? The autopsy instruments include rubber gloves, forceps, lip bushes, a comb, eye liner, needle injectors, an arterial tube and aneurysm hooks. And the best part is they were only used once, on the King, so you don’t get any randoms gunk on it too. Unfortunately the toe tag is marked “John Doe” because some friggin fan  nicked the original during the chaos at the hospital in 1977.

Psst This would be like the last things that ever touched Elvis!


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They Want To Die Complete

OK Loons, you might have to help me out on this one. Two British men, who both had their legs amputated, are furious that they weren’t allowed to keep them. Gareth Ferrin and Robert Brownlow both wanted to have their legs embalmed so they could keep them at home and later have them placed in their coffins when they died. However the Leicestershire National Health Service said no friggin way and had them incinerated. Both legs were removed due to blood poisoning and were considered a health and safety risk. So, should they have had the right to keep their legs?

Psst Handy at Halloween.


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