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Five Year Old In Cardiac Arrest Turns Out To Be a Friggin Cat!

OK people, one more time, 000, 999 and 911 are for “human” emergencies ONLY. British ambulance officers were stunned when they raced to an emergency call to save a “five year old” in cardiac arrest, only to discover the patient was a friggin cat. OK, sure, a much loved cat, but a friggin cat. The dispatcher received the call from a distressed couple who were begging for someone to revive their 5 year old. Not only was an ambulance called but also a rapid reponse car. When they arrived they found the couple in tears cradling their moggy (which later died). One of the paramedics was heard muttering “I’ve gone to some silly calls but nothing like this. I can’t understand why they didn’t try to call a vet.”


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A House Rings 911

Evidently a derelict house in Massachusetts rang 911 in a desperate cry for help. The empty Marblehead house was suffering from leaky pipes, toxic mold, buckled floors and a sagging roof when it made the emergency call. Officers raced to the address to find the place in a state of complete chaos. Sadly the officers were powerless to assist the seriously ill structure and could only watch in horror as it creaked in pain. The owner is yet to be notified. Seems the call went out to police after water short circuited the phone system and immediately rang through to 911.

Want sauce with that?


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