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Hard Act To Swallow

It's either one hell of a party or ......

Oh for crying out lady, how desperate are you to swallow friggin 41 balloons of heroin? The 37 year old was rushed to a Sydney hospital and straight into  surgery after some of the bags ruptured . She had recently returned to Australia from a holiday in Vietnam. Hmm, might try laxatives next time!


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Careful What You Wish For

Ewh, ouch!

OMG, some poor dude in India underwent emergency surgery after his three week, yes, three week, erection just wouldn’t go away. Doctors said if they hadn’t performed the surgery to put him out of his misery, he would have died. As it is he is now impotent. The man was suffering from a condition called priapism where blood is prevented from draining out of the penis. If not treated the penis becomes gangrenous and/or withers away.


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