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Special K!

Step away from your cereal bowls loons. Dear lord, a video “supposedly” of a disgruntled Kellogg’s worker peeing on products on the assembly line has appeared on Youtube. The crunchy ones on the top you can eat, while the ones on the bottom you can drink. Kellogg’s are in damaged control as they work with law enforcement to identify the culprit at the Memphis facility . They believe the products that could be affected included Rice Krispies Treats and puffed rice cake products. But before you go throwing out your cereal the incident happened in 2014 so it is more than likely the contaminated cereal has already been eaten.


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Hey, Has Anyone Seen Al?

A man who worked for India’s Central Public Works Department was given the sack after he failed to show up to work…. for 25 years. The dude went on leave in 1990 and never came back but was still on the payroll. Despite numerous efforts to get the man back behind his desk , he refused and kept requesting extensions of leave. Hmm, I don’t think he cares now, he is eligible to retire.


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That Is Hard To Swallow

Oh dear, when an Albuquerque woman tasted a free yogurt sample at the Sunflower Market she immediately spat it out claiming it tasted like sperm. Sheez, well spotted! The woman was so disgusted she rang police who scooped up the evidence that was still where she had spat it out. The employee was arrested (for unrelated warrants) but won’t be charged until the test results can prove it’s semen. Hmm, so what was the yogurt brand?

Want sauce (pardon the pun) with that?


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Fashion Faux Pas

You are a female employee at Marc Jacobs in Soho … a package arrives …. you open it … it has white powder in it … OMG … you ring the cops fearing anthrax ….. they take it away for testing …. it’s cocaine …. WTF …. so they take YOU away for questioning. Another day in the life of NYPD blues!

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Fire Door Installer Fail

Oooooh shitttttt!

An employee working for the the Ideal Fire Safety Systems business has managed to  burned down 5 stores while installing a fire safety door at Stuyvesant Town. Oh the irony! The man only known as Esteban was using a welding torch at Pete’s-A-Place pizza joint when it ignited some grease. Next thing he knew a friggin wildfire was engulfing the complex.Run! It took 140 firefighters to extinguish the blaze. Esteban now fears he may lose his job! Ya think?


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Chicken Nugget

What the Bok!

Here’s the thing would-be jewelery thief, stuffing gold into a cooked chicken’s backside ain’t going to make it any easier getting stolen goods through those new metal detectors. An employee at Browns Jewellers in Johannesburg has been busted big time for trying to get gold passed the newly installed detectors. Geez, he must have been away the day the staff got the “poultry pilfering” memo. Anywho, now thanks to this wise guy, women are no longer allowed to wear underwire bras because the metal detectors are too friggin sensitive and security don’t want to have their hands that full!


Psst I wonder how much has been stolen prior to the new security?


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You Can’t Do That!

Did I say you could ring?

Did I say you could ring?

OK, here’s the thing Wendy’s employees, don’t ring 911 if you haven’t got permission, even if you suspect someone put something poisonous in your drink. Sara Barahona was working at the Jacksonville Wendy’s branch when she took a sip of her drink and thought it tasted odd. When she lifted the lid it was white and foamy. After feeling a bit whoosie she rang 911 but was later reprimanded by her boss for not seeking permission first. It was later determined her drink had been spiked with oven cleaner!


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