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Blood Moon Apocalypse…RUN!!!

Religious preppers are stockpiling in anticipation for the September 28th Apocalypse. Doomsday believers are in countdown mode as the most dreaded day on their calander fast approaches. 28th of September Loons is the day when everything aligns according to the Old Testament. Yep, end of times people, end of the times. When  each of the 4 lunar eclipses (in two years) all coincide  with a Jewish Holy Day it was prophesied that mankind will be doomed. And that is happening on the 28th. To add additional weight to this …. it also coincides with a super moon. Evidently, the end of times fear campaign originated from the Book of Joel, where it was written ‘the sun will turn into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes’. Oh and it isn’t just the Jewish people freaking out, the Mormons are too.


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Mayan’s Suck

Well, I must say this end of the world thingy was over rated.


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Happy Apocalypse Day

Oh good I’m still here. Psst, are all you loons still out there? I’m doing a head count.


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Australian Prime Minister Announces The End Of The World

Holy crap, the apocalypse is nigh, Julia Gillard said so. Run for your lives. I know a little place in France….


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Earth is Solar Flare Proof!!!

Lying bastards!!!!

If by some odd chance the Mayans are right about the end of the world in 2012, be rest assured it won’t be because of a massive solar flare. Well, so says NASA. They are convinced the Earth won’t be burned to a crisp  because the sun isn’t powerful enough to send a mega fireball 93 million miles. Hmm, so it’s back to the drawing board you friggin doomsayers!!!


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Still There?

Ah good, just checking . With the different time zones and all, I thought America might be Raptured first!


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Hey Loons, Are You Still There?

Hey psst loons, it’s the 21st of October and friggin nothing, no sign of the Rapture, no hand of God slapping our sinning souls, not so much as a breeze. I’m beginning to have my doubts about this Harold Camping dude.


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7 Days And Counting Before Annihilation

Not again!!!

It’s October so guess who’s just reared his ugly head? Yep, 90 year old Harold Camping has dusted off his humiliation and is at it again. Lord have mercy! Got a pencil? You might want to make a note, the end of the world is now  the 21st of October. Hmm, maybe this will be third time lucky for Camping who has failed twice before in predicting the annihilation of sinners. With any luck the stray satellite will get me before I implode in a big ball of God’s wrath.

Psst Harold must be fun at Christmas!


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The Rapture Is On The 26th of May

OK, I'm sorry for pulling the piss!!!!

Hmm, hold your horses one tiny minute there Rapture soothsayers. Seems Harold Camping may have been a few days early on his end of the world prediction. Enter Dr. Richard Ruhling. He thinks Christ’s “knock” will be on the 26th of May. Why the 26th? Check out his little historical disaster checklist, do you see anything in common?

1. Gujarat India earthquake 26 Jan 2001
2. The Rhodes earthquake 26 June 1926
3. Taiwan earthquake 26 April 2010
4. Japan earthquake 26 Feb 2010
5. NE Japan earthquake 26 May 2003
6. NE Japan earthquake 26 July 2003
7. North America earthquake 26 Jan 1700
8. Yugoslav earthquake 26 July 1963
9. Aceh Tsunami 26 Dec 2004
10. Jogjakarta earthquake 26 May 2006
11. Tasik earthquake 26 June 2010
12. Mentawai Tsunami 26 Oct 2010
13. Merapi volcanic eruption 26 Oct 2010
14. Krakatau volcanic eruption 26 Aug 1883 ( 36,000 dead )
15. China earthquake 26 July 1976 ( 255,000 dead )
16. Portugal earthquake 26 Jan 1951 ( 30,000 dead )
17. Kansu, China earthquake 26 Dec 1932 ( 70,000 dead )
18. Turkey earthquake 26 Dec 1939 ( 41,000 dead )
19. Sabah Tidal waves 26 Dec 1996 ( 1,000 dead )
20. Bam, Iran earthquake 26 Dec 2003 ( 60,000 dead )

Not convinced? The end of the world according to the Mayan calendar is 26.12.2012.
Hmm,  well Ruhling also notes… Genesis 7:4,11 “The Flood’s timing came after a week of scoffing”  Oh crap!

Want proof with that?

Psst Mayan’s said 21st. Another one who can’t get his numbers right.


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Apocalypse Now

OK loons, it ain’t looking so good over here, we’ve just had a 4.3 earthquake north of Perth in Newman. So if I get separate from the rest of you, I’ll be waiting just right of the pearly gates. I’ll be the one in the red Snuggie. How’s it over your way Fairy Face? The latest news out of Harold Camping’s  Rapture rambles  is 6pm. It begins at 6pm.

Psst If all things go to plan I’m going to be the first to plank on the Pearly Gates!


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