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Fergie’s Back

What shall I possibly wear?

What shall I possibly wear?

The British rumor mill is alive with whispers Fergie and Prince Andrew are getting married again. Sheez, no wonder the Queen is doing a backflip.The couple have been divorced for some 17 years but have kinda still been living under the same roof ever since Fergie blew her dough. Royal fasionistas are cringing as we speak.


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Marriage Number 3 For Hugh Hefner

A big shout out to Hugh Hefner on his engagement to 23 year old Playboy Playmate Crystal Harris. How does he friggin do it? The 84 year old proposed on Christmas eve and was evidently met with a teary “yes”. I bet her parents can’t wait!

Psst Hmm, is there such a thing as a great great grandfather complex?


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That’s A Wedding You Wouldn’t Want To Attend

My Bad?

OK Robert Nickson Jr, you are going to get yourself a whole lot of WTFs if you post a photo of you and your girlfriend on Facebook announcing your engagement. Especially if you are 27 and she is 14.Visiting hours for the jail are from ….

Psst Hmm, silly question, where were her parents?

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Hi Mom, Is Your Gun Loaded?

Say What?

Definition of awkward? The Palin family, now that Levi has proposed to Bristol. Sheez, now that’s a friggin brave move. Hmm, call be cynical but I am guessing that’s why all the public “please forgive mes” last week by Levi. Oooh and lets add a bit of salt to the wound, the pair were so scared of Sarah’s reaction they decided it was better the news came via the tabloid mag that they sold their story to than from Levi’s repenting mouth. Good start to building those bridges son!  Do I smell a reality show?


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Princess And The Pauper

A big shout out to Sweden’s future Crown Princess Victoria, she is about to marry her personal trainer and he’s a friggin commoner. Not that there is anything wrong with that! Hmm, Daniel Westling must be really good at push ups.


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