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Not Environmentally Friendly Enough

James Lee, the man who was killed after taking hostages at Discovery Channel’s headquarters yesterday, was pissed that the company was making shows like “Kate Plus 8,” Evidently the Gosselins weren’t environmentally friendly enough and were not about to save the planet anytime soon. Dah! Maybe he should have flicked over to Nat Geo!

Psst Thank goodness they didn’t sign up Octomom.


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Eco Rave Cow

If the Madhatters were a cow!!!!! This spectacularly pink cow is the brainchild of artists Lara Hoole and Catherine Gardiner as part of the Margaret River CowParade collection.The eco sensitive bovine  features solar paneling in the hat, seriously reflective sunnies,and the sparkiest udders you’ll ever seen on a cow. It’s the kinda cow Paris Hilton would adopt if it could fit in her handbag!

Artist Statement : “Eco – Rave Cow” embodies the spirit of the party atmosphere. Bright, shiny and sparkly painted, mirrored exterior will sparkle well into the night until the sun comes up, to recharge her batteries

Eco-Rave Cow

Looks like a Paris Hilton handbag!

Doubles as a CCTV surveillance system!

OMG, sparkling udders still makes her ass look big!


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