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Fall From Grace

Nawww, it’s always a tad sad when a burglar ends up in an epic fail. Take this poor soul who came to a humiliating kaboom when he fell through the ceiling of a restaurant after failing to steal anything from the manager’s office. Just not his day.


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Whoopsie Daisy

The groom is off to a fine start ….


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Florida Fail

Obviously didn’t use spell check.

Florida spelling fail


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Best Way To Get Bowser Rash

Note to would-be petrol thieves, this is not how to do it.

Psst Queensland

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Burglar Rings To Report Another Burglar

Burglar rings olice to report another burglarOh for the love of Darwin, a burglar in Romania was so concerned that a noise he heard while robbing a house was another burglar he called police to report it. When police arrived they found no other burglar and arrested the fool. Seems the noise he heard was the family cat.


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Not Those Nuggets, Silly!!!

Thieves break into KFC instead of jewellery storeThis is not what you want. A pair of dumbass thieves burrowed through a wall in Brisbane expecting to end up in a Jewellery store but instead they came face to face with junior staff at KFC. Whoopsie , seems the pair hacked through the wrong wall. Undeterred,they decided to hold up the Kentucky Fried Chicken store instead . This had been the pair’s third attempt at breakinginto the jewellery store.

Psst Yes, they got caught.


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Don’t Attempt This At Home

chainsaw fail

Oh nuts!!!


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A Wedding Planner’s Epic Fail

Whoopsie. A wedding planner for a five-star country house hotel in England accidentally forwarded an email to her client which was intended for her manager only …. it read

‘Hi Carlo,

I need your advice on this wedding, I know this probably doesn’t sound very nice, but I am trying to put this wedding off as I don’t think they are the type of people that we would want to have at Stoke Park.
I spoke to the bride yesterday as she was enquiring about availability, and I have put her off for now by telling her the dates that she is looking at are not available, but she has asked me if I can get back to her with available dates around the end of June beginning of July 2013


Seems the wedding planner wasn’t at all thrilled with the couple. The bride-to-be, who was left in a flood of tears, believes the five star hotel didn’t want their £10,000 business because the groom had an eyebrow piercing and two small earrings. Either that or it was age difference, the bride is 27 and the groom 51.  The bride-to-be is a law graduate and drug and alcohol counsellor while  the groom  works as an engineer for the Ministry of Defence.

Want sauce with that?


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Epic Robbery Fail

OK, here’s the thing, when robbing a fast food restaurant do not, and I repeat, DO NOT  do it at your place of work AND especially when having just finished a shift. Make sure your disguise is good enough to fool the staff, who know you and can identify you and will mock you to the media with quotes like this “Apparently he needs to work on that disguise a little” . And finally,  don’t be rocking up to work on Monday to say hi to your work mates, especially when they are being interviewed by police. That’s an arresting right there. Stupid is as stupid does.

Psst Alabama.


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Epic Bank Robber Fail

A robber who held up a bank in Chicago, claiming to have a bomb, forgot to leave with the bag of cash. That’s friggin dumb.


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