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Sex Sent Her to the ER

ambulance-2A 440lb New York virgin accidentally sent his 110lb girlfriend flying through a sheet-rock wall head first when she attempted to have sex with him. After dating for some time the frustrated girlfriend decided to make the first move by stripping down to her panties and bra but when her chunky boyfriend got  going  his thrusting went that little too far and kaboom. The poor guy thought he had killed her, but, to his shock and surprise, when she pulled her head out from the wall she said “Why’d you stop?”.  This is just one of the stories featured on “Sex Sent me to the ER.”


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Vibrating Dildo Gets Wedged

What is worse than getting a dildo stuck up your butt before turning it off? Vibrating all the way to the ER and having to tell doctors to please extract it or at least turn the goddam thing off. The guy also tweeted about his woes during the entire spectacle.

tweet about dildo





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What Would Macgyver Do?

He did friggin cross stitch!

What would Macgyver do if he was left waiting in ER with a deep wound to his leg and getting no friggin attention? He’d grab himself a needle and sew that damn leg up himself of course. Well, a man in Sweden did the very same thing. Having accidentally sliced his leg open while renovating his house, he toddled off to the Sundsvall hospital hoping for some stitches. After being left waiting for over an hour he grabbed the needle and thread left out by staff and did it himself. How’s this, after the staff saw what he did they rang the police and reported him for allegedly using hospital equipment without authorization. That’s friggin gratitude.Macgyver would have shot them!


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