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Icelandic Volcano is Rumbling

A massive Icelandic volcano is rumbling and fears are it may erupt, causing air chaos and large glacier meltdowns. Oh goodie, just in time for Christmas. The last time Katla blew was in 1918. Experts expect major probs if it decides to erupt again. Fire + ice + ash = big slushy mess.


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Wait One Minute!

As the world snickers over the failed “Rapture”, cue  volcano eruption . Yep, Iceland’s Grimsvotn is about to blow.


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Ring Of Fire


OK, if you live anywhere within kooee of the Sinabung volcano in Sumatra you might want to think about getting the hell out of there, the damn thing is about to blow. The volcano has already spewed smoke and ash 1.5km into the air (hello people, remember Pompeii !!!) and a thick blanket of black smoke has covered the area. Singabung hasn’t popped it’s lid for over 400 years but officials have put the island on red alert. So far 12,000 people have been evacuated.

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