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New Aussie Bogan Sport

Australia has a new sport for bogans,  Reversal of Fortune. The aim … to run up an escalator the wrong way. For this you need, a mullet, a crowd and the will to give up at the first sign of effort.


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Escalatorville Horror

After a woman in China got eaten up by an escalator last week after she fell through the footplate, shoppers have been doing everything to avoid the same fate.

The video of the killer escalator

The video of scared shoppers



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Japanese Businessman vs London Escalator

The sorry tale of a drunk Japanese businessman at the Tottenham Court Road tube station.

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Well That Stinks

OMG, workers at a San Francisco rail station had to call in a hazardous materials team after dismantling a broken escalator and finding piles and piles of human feces.  Officials say human poo and urine are the main cause of escalator breakdowns , because the homeless people use the stairwell as a toilet when the station is closed.



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You Have To Be Fit Guys

Sometimes it is just better to wait your turn than try to be a smart ass. Why is it only men would think of this. Impatient, unfit, middle aged men!


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The Danger of Escalators

As Americans get ready for the friggin “Black Friday” nightmare (aka the after party of Thanksgiving), I thought I’d  give you a  few words of warning. Friggin escalators people, friggin escalators!

Psst Interpretation for non Americans …..”Black Friday” = busiest retail shopping day of the year when people turn into Satan to snatch a bargain (preferably out of someone else’s hands). Doors of retail stores usually open as early as 5am so people can get the stampeding , trampling and grievously bodily harming  over and done with before breakfast.Keeps the staff busy too, sweeping out the dead!


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